May 26, 2024
Annapolis, US 84 F

Frustration Of Doing Business In Annapolis

When Chris Fox was running for Mayor, part of his platform was making Annapolis a better place for business. He recalled the hassles involved with getting permission to install an awning over the front door of the Sly Fox Pub to prevent sliding ice (from the roof in winter) from decapitating his customers.

When Mayor Josh Cohen took office, one of his goals was to make it easier to do business with the City.  Judging from this recent rant on Facebook, it doesn’t seem there has been much change. The Unknown Artist was hoping to open on December 2nd, the eve of Midnight Madness, but it seems as if they may have to do so without any signage.

Granted, we do not know any of the details of this denial, but clearly someone dropped the ball. How does a business succeed without being able to hang a shingle in front of their business? Who dropped the ball? Maybe the Realtor facilitating the deal should have said something. Maybe the tenant should have investigated a little more. Regardless, someone dropped the ball and once again, the City is put in a position of being business unfriendly.

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