May 29, 2024
Annapolis, US 61 F

Election Results Delayed Till November 12th

Not The Real Election–The Mobbies!

For the second year, Eye On Annapolis has been nominated for a Mobbie Award at the Baltimore Sun. There are no statues, no ceremonies, and no cash (relax, we are not going to be begging for donations), bust some bragging rights and potentially a banner ad on The Sun’s site to bring more attention to Eye On Annapolis.

The elections are over and here is your chance to vote again! Only this time, we are corrupt (hence the Mobbie moniker), are not ashamed to stuff the ballot box, threaten, intimidate or otherwise coerce you to vote for Eye On Annapolis.  We have made it easy, here is the image/link—just click on it and vote! You can vote once per day (sorry, not allowed in the real election) between now and November 12th.

Click here to vote for my blog ... early and often

So, what happens if you don’t vote?  No, we are still not gonna beg for money (but hey, click a google ad or two if you like), but we will start up an incessant robo-call campaign–consider yourself warned!

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