February 22, 2024
Annapolis, US 46 F

Top Ten At Eye On Annapolis

This week was dominated by bad news. From deceptive television and print ads from the No Slots At The Mall campaign, to an assault at South River High School, to a rape at Annapolis High School, to a stabbing in Eastport.

10.   Tornado Confirmed In Pasadena

9.    Another Assault At Annapolis High School

8.     Fatal Stabbing In Eastport

7.    Rape At Annapolis High School

6.    Will South River Assailants Return After 10 Day Suspension?

5.    Update On Sexual Assault At Annapolis High School

4.    Update on South River High School Assault

3.    No Slots At The Mall Practice Deceptive Advertising

2.    AACPS, This Is The Difference Between Assault And Altercation

1.    Student Severely Beaten At South River High School

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