June 15, 2024
Annapolis, US 72 F

The Capital’s Telemarketers

If you have recently received a barrage of calls from 314-963-8895 with a Caller-ID displaying “Paper” you can thank The Capital.

The number belongs to a company in St. Charles, Missouri called The Pisa Group who bills themselves as The Newspaper Telemarketing Company.  They offer two basic services–subscription sales and retention.

I have received daily calls (with no message left) for about a week and finally called back to inquire. It seems that The Capital (or perhaps Landmark Communications, their parent company) has contracted with The Pisa Group to see if they can reclaim some of their lost subscribers. I spoke with a “Josh” who was not allowed by policy to give me a last name, and he was very helpful in removing my numbers and assured me that there would be no more calls. Your listing on the Do Not Call list does not apply in this case since The Capital already had an “established business relationship” with you at one point. If you are having a similar issue, simply call the number back and it will be handled.

Note to The Capital, I am not lost…I purchase a paper almost every day at a box or a store. I stopped my subscription because you were unable to reliably deliver it with any consistency.

I understand the need for retention and new sales. I almost understand the concept of telemarketing. But when it crosses the line and becomes a nuisance, it has gone too far. And it seems that The Capital’s choice of telemarketer is not winning over any fans with the people they call or the FCC.  You can read some of the comments here, here, here, or here.

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