December 5, 2023
Annapolis, US 45 F

Reader Survey Results

Back at the end of August, we decided to poll our readers and learn a little bit about them. Perhaps you participated?  I am thrilled that 576 of our readers took the time out of their schedules to answer our 6 questions. Some of the results were predictable, but I was surprised at the gender make up (I would have said predominantly male) and the frequency of visits (I would have leaned more towards weekly).

All in all, this is very encouraging and indicates that we have tapped into a market that is needed in the area. The number of visitors we see each month continues to grow and for that, we say thank you to our loyal readers.

Remember, if you have an opinion on any post, please leave a comment. If you like it and want to share it with any friends on Facebook (and there are a LOT of Facebook users according to the survey), just click the “recommend” link at the top of each post!

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