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Another Assault, Arrest At Annapolis High

| October 08, 2010, 10:12 PM | 18 Comments

In what appears to be an act of revenge, a 15 year old girl was arrested this morning at Annapolis High School when she was caught assaulting the victim of the sexual assault.  According to Anne Arundel County Police:

On October 8, 2010 at approximately 1030 hours, school officials at Annapolis High School requested the assistance of the School Resource Officer in reference to a disturbance near a stairwell.  The resultant investigation revealed the female juvenile victim from the previous sexual assault was approached by another female juvenile student while in a hallway.  A brief confrontation ensued, and the victim of the previous sex offense was physically assaulted by the 15-year-old female suspect. School officials quickly intervened and the victim was not injured.  The investigation also revealed the 15-year-old female suspect in this incident is a known associate of Troy Traon Reid.  There is no evidence at this time to implicate Reid in the assault on today’s date. Upon completion of the investigation, the 15-year-old female from Annapolis was charged on a juvenile citation with 2nd degree assault and released to the custody of a parent.

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Comments (18)

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  1. Michael Willis says:

    I don’t think these type of things are over for this poor girl. If I were her parent, I’d demand security for her. I’d also demand that any threats uttered at her in the hallways be documented with the name of the person who makes it. Further, I’d demand that the school enforce their own policies about threats.

    This cesspool needs to be emptied.

  2. Sally says:

    Maybe they should request a special transfer to another school

  3. Michael Willis says:

    Like they did for the Jones boy… No, personally, I think it’s time the school district be made to confront the abhorrent state of discipline and security in their schools. What the school wants more than anything, including more than ensuring the safety of this young girl, is for the fuss to die down so they don’t have to do anything meaningful to address the problem.

  4. Cathline harbour says:

    +Are the administrators at the schools being replaced like the Assistant principal at Arundel High School was after Chris Jones was murdered?

  5. Michael Willis says:

    Changing the heads on the dummies won’t really help, in my opinion. It just presents the appearance of “taking action”. Until the schools are forced to be open and forthcoming about just what the discipline situation is, nothing will change. I suggest that, like police reports in rape cases and cases involving juveniles, suitably redacted disciplinary action reports (from “referrals” and ALL other types of disciplinary reports such as MIRs) could be made available. The press is typically very good about keeping names out of the paper if they have a good reason to do so.

    One more thing. Others have suggested expressing outrage to the assistant superintendent for the feeder system. The problem with such a course is that NOBODY in the school system, including the superintendent and the Board of Education, is directly beholden to the public. Just one of the downsides to having an unelected Board. Folks need to raise holy hell with somebody in that chain of command who answers to the public.

    These are PUBLIC schools. It’s time they stop trying to act as if the things they do are subject to the same secrecy laws as the CIA.

  6. laura says:

    what in the hell is wrong with aacps ?
    im sorry for the girl that got hurt, but c’mon..
    how many kids is it gonna take ?

  7. Cathline harbour says:

    I heard the administrator from Arundel has a major lawsuit against the BOE and the Jones family in the works. It sounds like this person was used as a scapegoat from what I heard and maybe this is what it will take to open up this superintendents eyes to what is really going on in public schools.

  8. Michael Willis says:

    Trust me, the superintendent knows full well what’s going on. My guess is that the next tactic by the school district would be to issue a cryptic statement with the intent to obliquely imply that this administrator is “disgruntled” or “stressed” in an attempt to marginalize the credibility of the charges. It’s from the “Intro to CYA” textbook that they seem to be using. Then, they’ll hide behind confidentiality until the fuss dies down and they can cross their fingers and hope the next crisis doesn’t occur until they’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

    I don’t know what grudge this person could have against the family, though… The Board/School District is who hung them out to dry.

  9. Cathline harbour says:

    Maybe it is the fact that the person at Arundel was “blamed” by the family and the media when the tragic incident happened off school property and on a weekend (Saturday if I remember correctly). The newspaper articles were pretty harsh you must admit and there doesn’t seem to be any consistency in the BOE about what they are doing or who is held accountable at each school. My children are both in AACP schools at the elementary and middle. Last week will certainly make me re-think private school or home schooling when they reach the HS.

  10. Michael Willis says:

    Actually, I’d like to know what the alleged perpetrators parents have to say. And I’d like to know just what kind of consequences were meted out at home. These things go way beyond grounding somebody, or taking away his video games…

  11. Cathline Harbour says:

    I definately think anyone who has been jerked around by this BOE and Superintendent should absolutely sue. It is a shame that someone can make these huge salaries and be accountable to no one;it is a slap in the face to all taxpayers, especially the parents of AA county school kids. I will never again have faith in all of “the great things” our schools claim to be doing that is “allowed” to be printed in local papers with test scores and the achievement gap issue because I know it is just “smoke and mirrors” to what really is going on: chaos and lies. I am leaning more towards homeschooling both of my children as each day passes because I fear for their safety in this school system. Good job Mr. Maxwell and your posse. I hope you were worth every last dollar of my tax money!!!!!!

  12. Cathline Harbour says:

    I am curious to what happened to the administrator at AHS? Does anybody know where this person is?

  13. Cathline Harbour says:

    Interesting thatthe Principal from the other two schools have not come out with any kind of statement. I am especially shocked that the Annapolis High principal, considering this was a terrible violent crime which did not need to happen, on his watch. The BOE and Maxwell have inflated his ego with all of the media hype about test scores and newspape5r coverage(I know a teacher from AHS who says all of the test score data is pure BS….only the IB kids are truly excelling…the rest of the teachers are in a daily nightmare) he thinks he is above approach….just like maxwell and the BOE. I would never let my 2 children set foot in Annapolis High school because they are not going to be in the IB program so they will be with all of the chaos in the regular classes and I fear for their safety and education. The teacher says that Mr. Lilley is a complete fool who is not qualified to be in the position he is in but he “looks right” for the community(I have never met the man but I have heard other negetive comments about his leadership) I fear for this school district…it is becoming like DC, Detroit and Chicago and our children will all suffer until something is done and discipline is returned, parents make their kids accountable and school returns to the job of education and not making kids “feel good”.

  14. Michael Willis says:

    Is it true that this girl was attacked for second time today? That’s what somebody posted on the Gazette article about the original rape arrest. Any info?

  15. John Frenaye says:

    I have not heard of this but we can check out.

  16. Hey, look at this I was all way’s tould if it look like a snake
    and walk like a snake and smell’s like a snake , look
    and This case I think we all know it is the, School Board
    That is the snake , leve the kid’s out of this .

  17. Cathline Harbour says:

    unbelieveable that the principal from Annapolis still has not made a statement to the parents. Why is he being protected when the SR principal is thrown out their to defend his actions. A rape is a much more horrific crime in my opinion. Just curious.

  18. Cathline Harbour says:

    Very recently on the front page of the capital was an article about an alledged sexual assault of three middleschool females on their way home from school. Why was this not reported here and why is it not given the media coverage the other assaults were given?

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