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A Running Town

| October 05, 2010, 01:00 PM | 3 Comments

My friend Michael emailed me last week to let me know he was going to be in the area for the weekend.  He suggested we go for a run.  These are my favorite calls.  I love to see friends but running friends are even more fun.  They give me an excuse to pick one of my prettiest routes and show my town off a little.

The Annapolis Striders have a bumper sticker that says “Annapolis – A Running Town.”  I love that sticker because it is so true.  One of the first questions my husband asks when I get back from a run is whether there were a lot runners out there today.  Because I do a good deal of my running on the B&A Trail, the answer is always yes.  But in Annapolis, it isn’t just the trails and the neighborhoods that see a lot of foot traffic.   Runners take advantage of our more scenic areas too. The tourists that take over city dock doesn’t stop local runners from taking advantage of some of the greatest running in country.

I met Michael at the WWII Memorial off of Route 450.  What better way to introduce a newcomer to the area.  When I arrived he was standing on the platform overlooking the bridge and the Naval Academy already admiring what I would be showing him close up.  We ran over the bridge and through Hospital Hill before spilling out onto the fields right on the water.  This is the spot that always surprises my running friends.  There is a peace to running at the waters edge and as we were blessed with one of the prettiest days I remember, the effect was even greater.  We continued through the Academy, running along the wall and staying along the water until the course turned, taking us into the heart of the Academy and past the Chapel.  Eventually we completed the six mile loop and found ourselves once again at the peak of the Naval Academy Bridge.

I love sharing this route with my friends.  There are very few cars to deal with over most of the course and it is one of the most scenic routes in Annapolis. But mostly I love it because of the number of runners we encounter along the way.  I love that our town is a town with so many examples of a healthy lifestyle.  I love sharing this healthy view of our town with visitors.

Going to the mall and walking through the food court might quickly change this opinion; but for that hour, as we run along the water and greet runners singularly or running in twos and threes, we are a running town.  And of that I am proud.

Freelance writer, Ann lives in Severna Park with her husband and three children. When not at the gym or running outside, she spends every free minute chasing a four-year-old or running her older children to soccer fields all over two states. Read more by Ann at Ann’s Running Commentary and at Patch.com. She can be contacted at [email protected] .

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  1. ultrarunnergirl says:

    Sounds lovely. I hope to run this with you one day!

  2. Fred Shubbie says:

    Given the way Josh is handling the city’s bus service, running could become more and more popular for people looking for alternate transportation.

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