December 8, 2023
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The Capital Shows Its Bent, And How

After the last round of elections, The Capital’s Publisher, Tom Marquardt, said he would be eschewing endorsements for the paper.  But but in a flip flop (after all it is about politics), he decided to rescind the policy and endorse away.

Are endorsements relevant? Several people have opined–even their own columnist Paul Foer said he put little faith in endorsements.That is an argument that will not be decided anytime soon. It seems that there is some bias towards their endorsed candidates (as to be expected), but what is unexpected is the vitriol that is espoused when their endorsement loses.

In the District 33 State Senate Race, The Capital Endorsed Delegate James King for the Senate seat over incumbent Ed Reilly.

Here is their take on the outcome of that race by Eric Hartley!

In their Republican primary in District 33, Sen. Ed Reilly has beaten Del. James King, who gave up a pretty safe seat in the House to run for the Senate. Both ran negative ads, and the race got quite nasty. While both men say they’re very conservative, Reilly has made it clear he has no interest in making friends with Democrats — or even working with them, really. In an early vote, he aligned himself with the two most extreme members of the Senate, whom he called “wise.”

So, congratulations, District 33, you appear to have elected another ineffective senator in the great tradition of Janet Greenip. Feel better?

Mind you, the preliminary results (less the absentee and provisional votes) show that Reilly beat King by more than 10% in a three way race. Apparently the constituents feel differently than The Capital. There is no democrat challenger in the district, so this win effectively guarantees Reilly another term in office barring any write in campaigns.

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