September 23, 2023
Annapolis, US 62 F

Meade 4, Glen Burnie 1 (Field Hockey)

Glen Burnie vs Meade

Score Meade 4 Glen Burnie 1 (FINAL)

Who Scored-
Jordyn Childress scored for Glen Burnie. Yumi Kim scored twice for Meade. McKenna Kennedy scored twice for Meade

Score at the half- Meade 3 Glen Burnie 0

Shots on goal-
Glen Burnie 6
Meade 13

Goalie saves
Glen Burnie (Tara Sinchak)- 7
Meade ( Tracey Shank) 2

Glen Burnie 8
Meade 6


Taylor Marcus- freshman for Glen Burnie- NEVER played before- had 3 saves on goal and played amazing defense.

Coach’s note:

Glen Burnie is a young team with a new coach. They came out ready to win. We are working on Team Unity and trying to still figure out positions. The girls were awesome. We may have been down 3-0 at the half but they kept their heads held high and came out in the second half much better. They actually took the ball down in the first 30 seconds of the second half and took a shot on the goal. They were down in their offense goal many times and had 3 shots on goal along with 5 more corners. Jordyn Childress, Alyssa Neal and Alyssa Rosales lead the team in the field. Helping in situations and making sure the newbies were where they were supposed to be.  Tara Sinshak, goalie, had many saves. She may have allowed some to go in but she also saved 8. Taylor Marcus a freshman who has never played before had 3 saves in goal as well as a defender. She is my “gamer” of tonight’s game. She showed up ready to play, and never showed she was a freshman and never showed that she was new to the game of field hockey. Karissa Dodson and Joi Parker worked so well together. Had a few breakaways on their own and together. Those two work very well together. MY one senior, Ashley Spitznagel is fighting an injury but once she is back, I think our attack will be unstoppable and once our defense gets in their postion. No One will get through us. Jordyn Childress scored from the help of Alyssa Neal.

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