June 19, 2024
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Leopold Responds To Allegations

With the recent expansion of the lawsuit filed several weeks ago, Anne Arundel County Executive, John R. Leopold, has issued a statement to Eye On Annapolis.

I am disgusted by the lies and innuendo contained in this lawsuit.  This former employee, who was never discriminated against, already brought her complaint before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  The complaint was found to have no merit and was dismissed this week.  Now, two years after the employee left County Government and two months before an election, a lawsuit is filed. This is ugly politics and character assassination at its worst.

–John R. Leopold, Anne Arundel County Executive

Karlan Hamner filed a suit several years after moving to Kentucky claiming a hostile work environment and unwanted sexual advances among others.  While the suit claims to have witnesses to substantiate the claims, on the surface it seems like Mr. Leopold has the backing of most of his employees including several women who were named in the lawsuit.

Aside from Ms. Hamner’s accusations, the only other complaint against the Executive was a woman who claimed he asked her for a date while in a lunch line in a County cafeteria and made her feel uncomfortable. That complaint was unfounded.

Hamner’s attorney, John M. Singleton, claims that the timing of the suit is not politically motivated. However, the timing of the original suit and the expanded suit has to be questioned. A Leopold supporter who wished to remain unnamed said, “The appearance of the suit is politically suspicious and certainly the speed of which Hamner’s attorney removed names of “victims” from the draft copy speaks volumes. Seems like a fishing expedition to me.”

As Eric Hartley said, this revised and expanded suit seems more appropriate for thew checkout aisle of the Giant than in the Prince Georges County Courthouse.

To read the full document, please click here .

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