June 21, 2024
Annapolis, US 72 F

Field Hockey: Glen Burnie-0, Meade-1

Score Glen Burnie 0- Meade 1
0-0 at half

Goals- Yumi Kim unassisted

Shots on goal– Glen Burnie 0- Meade 10

Glen Burnie- Alison Blanton- 10
Meade- T. Shank- 0

Glen Burnie 1 ( first Half)
Meade 2 (first Half)
3 (second half)

Coach’s Comments:

Glen Burnie stepped out and was a different team today. They were a team that was determined to win, they just want a win! They played hard and together. Yumi Kim is Meades dominant player. She can run circles around teams when she wants to. I knew going into this game we needed to shut her down. I put one of my girls on her, Karissa Dodson, sophomore, Dodson did an amazing job. She held Kim to one goal this time. She was on her the entire time and never gave up. Dodson frustrated Kim at times and got her off her game, and that’s what I wanted. It was a heartache..because we played so well and no win. But its ok, we will get one! Alyssa Neal and Jordyn Childress, both senior captains, held their heads high and knew their team was working together. Neal had her best game this season. She was moving the ball around the field and changing it up, she was a powerhouse in the middle and got her job done. We have had many injuries and sicknesses, one being our goalie Tara Sinchak. So I had Alison Blanton in goal today. You would have never thought that Blanton has never played goalie until this year and this was only her second game in goal. She had 10 plus saves and was an amazing leader in the backfield. I told her in the beginning of the game, there was no room for jitters and she proved that today. At the end of the game, I heard one Meade player say “that was terrifying, it was a 1-0 score” I want that. I want our opponents to think and know we are here to play and are not just a team they can walk over. We will just take this game, learn from it and head on to South River on Thursday!

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