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Ferrar Considering A Write In Campaign

The Greater Annapolis Patch is reporting that Chuck Ferrar is being encouraged by local politicians and community activists to mount a write in campaign to retain his District 6 seat on the Anne Arundel County Council.

Only yesterday, Ferrar pledged to work with Trumbauer to defeat republican challenger Doug Burkhardt.

While The Patch seems to correctly consider that this might hurt Trumbauer’s chances at winning the seat, they also think it will hurt Burkhardt’s as well citing some national trends being seen right now.

However, national trends do not reflect Anne Arundel trends at all. This is a highly partisan area and to be honest, most of the incumbents have not been blundering dolts–so there is not too much of a “throw the bums out” mentality.

What a write in campaign will do, is to split the core democratic vote between Trumbauer and Ferrar. The independents will go to the candidate with whom they feel most closely aligned. Quite probably, a write in campaign will hand the seat to Burkhardt and will be seen by many as a spoiler.

If we look to recent memory, the Annapolis City elections had an independent candidate, Chris Fox, running for mayor. And many consider him the “spoiler” for the Cordle campaign.


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