June 23, 2024
Annapolis, US 93 F

Ferrar Closes Gap Slightly, No Results Expected Today

It looks like we will need to wait until tomorrow to know the outcome of the Anne Arundel County District 6 Council race.

297 absentee ballots were counted today and there are still 227 provisional ballots which need to be authenticated (or not) and counted (or not). But after the absentee count, Ferrar was able to narrow the lead by 5 votes. Trumbauer still leads by 50.

Trumbauer:  3216

Ferrar:  3166

Additionally, there likely will be some absentee ballots which will come in the mail today and tomorrow and they will be counted as long as they were postmarked by Tuesday!

This race is a perfect example of why people need to vote and why they need to take primaries seriously. Every vote does indeed count.

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