June 12, 2024
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The Plot Thickens–Police Release More Info

Anne Arundel County Police have released another statement on the shooting of the Siberian Husky in Severn on Monday.

The investigation is being handled by the Western District Detective Unit with administrative supervision. The preliminary investigation was closed based on the information the department received, however, a follow-up investigation ensued once new information surfaced. Through the investigation, it has been determined that the weapon used by the off-duty Department of Defense officer was his personal weapon and that his dog was his personal dog. The name of the officer is not being released at this time as this is an ongoing criminal investigation. The department is actively discussing all aspects of this case with the State’s Attorney’s Office. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

They have now classified it as a criminal investigation and released that the officer who shot the dog was carrying his personal weapon and not one which was issued by his yet unnamed employer.  And his dog, Asia, a German Shepherd was not a K-9 dog as suggested, but his personal dog.

A federal officer, off duty, armed with a personal weapon, walking his family pet…… Do police officers need to get carry permits to carry personal weapons on their person? One would think so, otherwise a rogue officer could legally carry an AK-47.

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