February 6, 2023
Annapolis, US 51 F

The Plot Thickens–Police Release More Info

Anne Arundel County Police have released another statement on the shooting of the Siberian Husky in Severn on Monday.

The investigation is being handled by the Western District Detective Unit with administrative supervision. The preliminary investigation was closed based on the information the department received, however, a follow-up investigation ensued once new information surfaced. Through the investigation, it has been determined that the weapon used by the off-duty Department of Defense officer was his personal weapon and that his dog was his personal dog. The name of the officer is not being released at this time as this is an ongoing criminal investigation. The department is actively discussing all aspects of this case with the State’s Attorney’s Office. Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.

They have now classified it as a criminal investigation and released that the officer who shot the dog was carrying his personal weapon and not one which was issued by his yet unnamed employer.  And his dog, Asia, a German Shepherd was not a K-9 dog as suggested, but his personal dog.

A federal officer, off duty, armed with a personal weapon, walking his family pet…… Do police officers need to get carry permits to carry personal weapons on their person? One would think so, otherwise a rogue officer could legally carry an AK-47.

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  1. Didn’t this happen in Maryland? Is Joe Blow allowed to carry an “AK-47” ‘with a permit’? Let’s not turn this into a 2nd amendment issue, let’s stick to the facts. A man, who happens to be be a federal officer, took his personal weapon, to a dog park, with his personal dog, and had issues with another dog. Which he shot.
    1. Does the ‘officer’ know the owner of the other dog?
    2 Has he had ‘awkward’ moments with the other owner before?
    3. Was his personal dog properly trained?
    4. Was the deceased dog properly trained?
    5. Why did the officer take a personal weapon to a dog park? Was he looking for trouble?
    6. Why was there no time given to the owner of the other dog, to respond before the weapon came out and shots fired?
    Let’s stick to the issue folks…

  2. Off duty police are permitted by federal and state law to carry concealed weapons without a permit. The credentials they are issued as part of their swearing in state that they are permitted to do this. I am not quite sure of the laws, but I would imagine that this clearly applies to all police officers? Even the federal ones since agencies like secret service and dea, fbi do this – are they not classified as federal officers? Does it matter if it is a personal weapon or an issued weapon?

    Senseless shooting, agreed…has anyone found out answers on the above yet? Is this guy even allowed at the dog park? I am hearing that this is private property only for the homeowners in that neighborhood.

  3. Great Questions L.C. I had a few questions of my own:
    I don’t care whether or not FOP’s or FPO’s can carry a weapon off duty. In this situation with Bear, the officer should have tried other means to separate the dogs. A gun shot should not be the first instinct. The officer’s dog was on a leash. Why didn’t he try pulling his dog with the leash and head towards the gate to separate them? His dog pulled his wife towards Bear. Why did his wife appear scared when her dog was pulling her towards Bear? Apparently his wife couldn’t pull their dog back by herself. Perhaps, try getting the water bowl and dousing the dogs to distract them. Or find and wedge a stick between the dogs collar in order to attempt to separate the dogs. He should think… What would people without guns do in this situation first? Don’t FPO’s and FOP’s have any training about handling aggressive dogs other than to shoot them? It’s never a good idea to put you hands near an aggressive dog (especially one you’re not familiar with). He should not have tried to grab Bear Bear, but just concentrated on his own dog. Or was he afraid that his shepherd would try to bite him? It sounds like the shepherd may have been the aggressor. Is that why his wife didn’t let their shepherd off the leash? Bear Bear has been at the park before without incidents according to the owner. How long was Bear Bear at the park without incidents before the shepherd arrived? It wasn’t asked if the shepherd was previously in the park without incidents. Obviously, more investigation is needed.

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