May 26, 2024
Annapolis, US 84 F

Original Police Report On Dog Shooting

The Anne Arundel County Police have responded to our inquiries and provided this redacted copy of the original police report (PDF) of the incident.

Additionally they added the following statement to their previous releases. As suspected. the officer may not have been authorized to carry a weapon while off duty.

The initial police report was forwarded through the police department’s chain of command at which time commanders requested further inquiry into whether the off-duty federal officer was legally authorized to carry a firearm while off-duty in the state of Maryland. During the initial investigation, it appeared the off-duty federal officer was legally authorized to carry a firearm, however, during the follow-up investigation his legal authority to carry a firearm became questionable.

To date, investigators have conducted additional interviews, crime scene examination and have looked extensively into the off-duty federal officer’s employment and eligibility to carry a firearm off-duty in the state of Maryland. Investigators have been in constant contact with the State’s Attorney’s Office throughout this follow-up investigation and investigators have turned over documentation and information learned during the follow-up investigation into the incident. This has enabled the State’s Attorney’s Office to begin their legal review of the facts of this incident. The police department anticipates concluding its investigation within the next 72 hours and officially turning over the complete findings to the State’s Attorney’s Office, however, investigators will remain engaged with the State’s Attorney’s Office and will assist them with any further investigative needs.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing. The name of the off-duty federal officer and the 9-1-1 tape are not being released due to the open investigation. No additional information is being released at this time.

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