May 18, 2024
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Now Children, Play Nice (POLL)

When one decides to run for office, is it automatic that for the duration of the campaign, they must act like misbehaved first graders kindergartners?

What sis it with stealing and destroying other candidate’s signs? It seems now that it does not even need to be an opponent’s sign. Perhaps the turf war is over the, well, turf.

Last week we heard about Senate Candidate John Booze being busted for stealing signs and possession of marijuana.  The Capital reported on signs. And recently there has been a tussle in Pasadena with a Don Dwyer sign.

The day before yesterday, two large signs belonging to State Senate Candidate Ron Elfenbein were removed, tossed in the woods and replaced by two large signs belonging to County Council Candidate Chuck Ferrar.

This particular location was at the intersection of Edgewood Road and Bay Ridge. Is the property a right of way? If so, the County should have removed the signs, not another campaign. Is it private property? If so, the candidate should have obtained permission. Was Elfenbein’s sign put up on private property without permission and Ferrar was able to secure permission? Maybe Ferrar should have made a phone call–with the number of Ferrar signs springing up in the area, I am sure he is well aware of the cost of these signs.

Politics is a dirty sport, but it really does not need to be. Ferrar is not running against Elfenbein. This reminds us of the bully in the cafeteria who tossed aside another child’s lunch while he is getting a carton of milk because he wants to sit in the seat.

Does this behavior endear the candidates to the voters? Do the voters even notice?

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