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More Details On Suspended Coach

Earlier this week, South River High School Head Football Coach, Steve Erxleben, was suspended for a vague infraction about keeping students safe. Eye On Annapolis was the only source citing the player who had broken his back on the football field.

This afternoon, we spoke with a student at South River High who has firsthand knowledge of the incident. The sophomore was at practice and participating in a passing drill when he was hit. He advised Coach Erxleben of the injury and was instructed to continue with practice as it did not appear to be a traumatic injury at the time.

The Capital is reporting the injury occurred on August 14; and in an earlier report, we indicated it was the 16th. Sources are now confirming that the injury occurred on the 14th. The diagnosis was made on the 16th.

The student is suffering from a broken back with three separate fractures and was also suffered a back injury during a game in the 2009 season.

We spoke with several students at the school today and they told us that there has been a show of solidarity for Steve Erxleben with many of them wearing the letter “X” made from tape on their backs.  While he is suspended, The Capital also is reporting that he is on campus and observing the team. According to the paper, he was watching a scrimmage from the roof of the gymnasium.

There is still no word on the exact nature of the investigation, but based on this new information, it is likely surrounding Coach Erxleben’s failure to secure immediate aid to an injured player.

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