February 6, 2023
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County Police Backpedal on Shooting

Presumably as a result of the public pressure and the recommendation of the County Executive, Anne Arundel County Police have released the following statement about the shooting of the dog in the Quail Run dog park on Monday night in Severn.

On August 2, 2010, at approximately 6:23 p.m., officers from the Western District responded to the Quail Run Community Dog Park located at the corner of Severn Tree Boulevard and New Disney Road in Severn for an animal complaint.

Upon arrival, officers observed a light-colored Husky dog (Bear) wounded on the ground. Officers spoke with a 32-year-old off-duty federal police officer, who advised that he and his wife were at the dog park with their leashed German Shepherd dog (Asia) when Bear approached and jumped on his dog. The off-duty federal officer advised that he yelled for the male subject with Bear to come get his dog. According to the officer, Bear began to bite his dog. The off-duty federal officer stated he attempted to get Husky off his dog, but the Husky turned and attempted to bite him before biting his dog a second time. The off-duty officer stated that he feared for the safety of himself, his wife and their dog and subsequently shot the Huskie with a handgun he had in his possession.

Officers then spoke with the male subject who had the Husky at the park. He stated that Bear and the off-duty federal officer’s dog appeared to be playing with each other at the time and that his dog was friendly and never had any problems before at the park.

Animal Control officers responded and the dog was transported to the Anne Arundel Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Annapolis, where the dog later died at approximately 9:30 p.m. At this time, the investigation into this incident is ongoing. The name of the off-duty federal officer is not being released at this time.

“This investigation is not complete. The police department takes this incident very seriously and will continue to investigate all aspects of the case,” said Chief of Police Colonel James Teare, Sr.

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  1. You might be able to get away with that somewhere else but the Anne Arundel county area are huge dog lovers. We would never stand for this. First why wouldn’t you take your “leashed” dog out of the park and harms way. Second it sounds like the guy was saying since his dog was leashed it means it not his fault. This is the one place where your dog doesn’t have to be leashed. I have been in the same situation and was able to resolve the problem once I took my dog out of the situation. I would man handle someone eles dog.

  2. Amazing how all the other reports except this one have people who were questioned and knew Bear Bear! Saying he was nothing but friendly, and never aggressive. This turns my stomache! That cop took his dog to an OFF LEASH DOG PARK with his dog ON A LEASH. Huskies play with their mouths open, “talking”. And I have NEVER seen 2 dogs playing who DIDN’T JUMP ON EACH OTHER! This guy was nothing but trigger happy in a place where friendly dogs are supposed to be able to go and play and exercise! If he wanted his dog leashed, he should have just walked it somewhere else! KARMA BUDDY!

  3. taking your dog ON A LEASH inside a dog park is asking for trouble and an obvious sign of ignorance.

    it immediately makes your dog a target to the pack and also makes your dog defensive.

  4. Are you seriously stating that it is the dog’s fault for being on a leash? Correct me if I am wrong, but Maryland has a Leash Law requiring dogs to be on leashes “outside” of any and all “off leash” dog parks.

    Well, unless the “off leash” dog park is in this guys back yard, it does not take a genius to figure out that the guy was walking his dog FROM his house TO the dogpark and following the law by having him on a leash.

    **”Amazing how all the other reports except this one have people who were questioned and knew Bear Bear! Saying he was nothing but friendly, and never aggressive. This turns my stomache! “**

    Amazing how various media outlets will send reporters to talk to the neighbors of the dog owners to get their views to increase viewership and swing their slant on a story in favor of the majority…much like you are doing here. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is only ONE official report that matters, and that is the Police Report that states “No other Witnesses present.” If all of you who are quoting in on this story are “so sad” and knew the dog, where were you at this time? Oh that’s right, you weren’t there and are getting your information from sources other than the truth. Of course the owners are going to say that he was “friendly, and never aggressive.”

    In this sue-happy nation, I would not be surprised if this guy turns around and sues the dog owners. While it may seem a bit tacky to mention, would you really put it past some people now adays?

  5. Frank, the dog park was an off leash community owned dog park. Not a county owned one. From the police report it appears the officer and his dog were in the enclosed area and the dog was on a leash.

    I am not sure who this is in defense of, but the police did not seek out any additional witnesses as the officers on the scene made the determination that no crime had occured and closed the case. This decision was confirmed the following morning by the States Attorney.

    If I call the cops and say someone broke into my house and they come and find no forced entry, no one in my house, and nothing missing–they certainly are not going to be questioning my neighbors.

    Now, I do stand by my assertion that the decision to close the case and stop the investigation as early as it was was a bad mistake. THe area is surrounded by homes and there likely were people in their yards, looking out their windows, etc.

    ABC Channel 2 did indeed find another witness whom the polcie did not find or question.

  6. Frank
    Noone is saying anything of the sorts. If you would have followed this story from the beginning, instead of chiming in late, you’d realize that the people that were spoken too are the same people who go to the dog park, and play with Bear Bear. And uhmm, Mr Power Trip..In this case the POLICE REPORT was not the final judgement. The case was reopened because the cops were incompetent..CLEARLY! You sound as if you may be one of them. My condolences

  7. Frank- know what’s really AMAZING? how ignorant you are. banging away at the keyboard without reading anything and chiding others for not understanding the issue. hilarious. you are laughable and sad.


    6:30 p.m. shooting of an off-leash Siberian husky INSIDE a fenced-in portion of the Quail Run community.


    next time, before you start pontificating, breathe, read, understand, then STFU.

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