March 25, 2023
Annapolis, US 51 F

A Bear-Bear Prediction

The police have apparently turned their reports over to the State’s Attorney for review. A decision is expected tomorrow night.  Keith Shephard’s attorney, Mr. Putzi says his client will be exonerated and life will return to normal. I think he is wrong–and here is why.

There is nothing cut and dry to this case. It is a case of contradictions. Shephard said Bear-Bear attacked his dog and him–yet there are no marks to substantiate that. Shephard says that Bear-Bear’s handler did not respond–yet the handler says the officer gave him no time to respond. The police say there were no witnesses–yet ABC News 2 found two. The police say he was authorized to carry the gun–but then they suggested he was not.  Nothing is clear here.

People have said this is turning political–and maybe it is. But unless there is cold, hard, solid evidence that Keith Shephard acted in an appropriate manner, the decision will result in an arrest warrant and a trial.

And why shouldn’t it? His lawyer Putzi says he welcomes the probe. He should welcome a trial where a jury of his peers can make the decision.

From a political point of view, both Wethersbee, Leopold, and the Rettaliata’s attorney are running for election. The event polarized the area and for Wethersbee to NOT push it forward will give Eric Grannon (Wethersbee’s opponent) a huge boost and might cost Wethersbee the election. It is better to err on the side of caution.

And one more final observation, I find it amusing that Keith E. Shephard’s name was released by WJLA shortly after the shooting, yet his attorney Putzi (sorry for the repetition, I just like typing it), claims that his “unnamed” client fears for his safety.

What kind of cop is this? He has a gun. It was not taken away from him. He is known to use it–so what’s he scared of? Really, when you think about it, here is a cop who is charged to “protect and to serve” and he is scared when his dog and another dog play. And now he is scared that someone will know his name.

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  1. Take out the trash day-

    My prediction is that this will be a very late Thursday to mid-day Friday announcement- the time to dump a controversial or unpopular story and minimize the impact of public outcry. The mobilized and invested will have the weekend to burn off their outrage online, folks are away or more likely to start their weekend early, and nobody reads the Saturday paper. If they read papers.

    Shephard is reported to be a GS-7, not a contractor, and probably comes upder the auspices of the Federal police statutes with respect to off duty carry. He may even have a carry permit in another jurisdiction. Its possible it expired while he was on active duty for one of his tours, or he may be exploiting a reciprocity loopphole for military personnel. It it was a Maryland carry permit I suspect his attorney would have released it. I believe that the cops and state’s attorney *really* want to charge this guy, and should, because he’s a scumbag of highest order, and for the other politically motivated reasons you stated, but can’t, and want to get behind whatever cover the weekend news brown-out offers.

  2. AH, but if politics is in play here, a Friday afternoon release makes no sense for the reasons you said. If there is political hay to be made here, the politicians (Leopold and Weathersbee) will make sure they have the ability to grandstand.

  3. Maybe not so much with the prediction. The Sun is now reporting a Monday announcement. If this is true, then it drops it right into a news cycle- the last time you would announce a decision that would generate enormous adverse public sentiment during an election year. If these guys announce on MOnday its because they want folks talking about it on tv Monday night, in the paper on Tuesday, and so on. If the Sun’s story is accurate then the betting line is shifting towards indictment and arrest. Sleep well Keith Shepard- there are bad things in the offing for puppy killers.

  4. I have my own prediction. I truely hope that I am wrong. Next week we could hear that no charges will be filed. We should remember that AA County Police initially declined to do any investigation of the incident. The shooter was a Federal officer, and many people have speculated that the local police and the state’s attorney are not interested in prosecuting someone that they see as “one of their own”. Maybe, the state’s attorney doesn’t live in the area of the Quail Run dog park so it doesn’t really bother him that a guy with really poor judgement is walking around with a sidearm loaded with 9mm hollow point bullets…

  5. Care about this case???

    Come rally with us on Monday the 16th at 11am in front of the State Attorney’s office, 7 Church Circle!!!

    Do it for your frubabies saftey!!!

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