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County Police Take A Bite Out Of Drug Crime

Anne Arundel County Police have had a busy month. Justin Mulcahy, Public Information Officer for the police said that officers and detectives of the Anne Arundel County Police made two significant drug seizures resulting in five arrests this past week.

On July 15, 2010 the Special Enforcement Section intercepted a package destined for a north county hotel that contained nearly 6 pounds of suspected marijuana. Detectives arrested three people for possession, attempted possession and conspiracy to possess or distribute the drug. The value of the suspected marijuana was $78,000.

On July 20, 2010 officers responded to a complaint of a suspicious vehicle and came across a possible drug deal in progress.  Police discovered a large cache of prescription pills. Two people were arrested, the vehicle and cash was seized.  The value of the suspected narcotic prescription pills was $12, 510.

Earlier in the month, $15,000 worth of suspected marijuana, hashish and heroin was seized in Edgewater after an arrest warrant was served.

These arrests are fine examples of dedicated officers and the fruits of diligent police work. Significant seizures such as these demonstrate how the Anne Arundel County Police Department continues to address crime at all levels. When you see seizures such as these coming from different areas in the department -a major enforcement unit, a district enforcement unit and a post officer- we know the officers are receiving the intelligence, resources and direction they need to be successful.

Chief James Teare Sr.

Full details from the police reports on these incidents is after the jump.

From the police reports:


On July 15, 2010 detectives from the Anne Arundel County Police Departments Special Enforcement Section conducted a controlled delivery of a suspicious package. The package was sent from Arizona and was destined for a Hotel in the northern part of Anne Arundel County. Detectives were able to obtain a search and seizure warrant for the package. Upon opening, detectives discovered a large brick like object wrapped with tape. The large brick turned out to be 5.75 pounds of high grade marihuana.

A subject, later identified as Claudine Oakley accepted the package. Oakley then left the hotel and approached a vehicle on the parking lot. A male subject, later identified as Dwayne Morris, exited the passenger side of the vehicle and approached Oakley. As Oakley and Morris met detectives approached them and Oakley and Morris were detained. Detectives also approached the vehicle and detained the driver, identified as Harry Martin.

All of the subjects were placed under arrest and transported to the Northern District Station for processing. A search of Morris revealed a small clear bag containing suspected marihuana in his pants pocket. The vehicle was seized and transported to the Anne Arundel County Police Departments Impound Lot for safekeeping. The marihuana had a weight of 2,610 grams (5.75 pounds) with a street value over $78,000.

Oakley was charged with possession of marihuana, possession with intent to distribute marihuana, possession of marihuana (conspiracy), and possession with intent to distribute marihuana (conspiracy).

Morris was charged with possession of marihuana, possession of marihuana (conspiracy), possession with intent to distribute marihuana (conspiracy), possession of marihuana (attempted), and possession with intent to distribute marihuana (attempted).

Martin was charged with possession of marihuana (conspiracy) and possession with intent to distribute marihuana (conspiracy).

Suspect 1: Claudine Roxanne Oakley, B/F/28 YOA, 5704 Leiden Road, Baltimore, MD
Suspect 2: Dwayne Gerard Morris, B/M/29 YOA, 2810 West Coldspring Lane, Baltimore, MD
Suspect 3: Harry Wayne Martin, W/M/49 YOA, 7616 Greenbank Road, Baltimore, MD



On July 20, 2010 at 11:58 a.m., officers from the Northern District responded to the 600 block of E. Ordnance Road in Glen Burnie for a report of a suspicious vehicle.

Upon arrival, officers learned of a Lexus parked behind a building. Officers were told that several cars had come and gone from the same area and the driver of the Lexus had entered each car for a brief period of time. After a short period of time, the Lexus’ driver would get out and the car would leave. While at the location, officers observed a black Pontiac arrive and the Lexus’s driver get into it.

Officers approached while the Lexus’ driver was seated inside a Pontiac. Officers conducted interviews with the Lexus’ driver and Pontiac’s occupant. A search of the Pontiac was undertaken and several suspected oxycodone pills were discovered. Amy Jay Luhman, the Pontiac’s occupant, was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance.

Officers then received permission from the Lexus’ driver to search the Lexus. With the aid of a drug detection canine, officers located and seized 400 various prescription pills hidden under the steering column. The street value of the pills totaled $12,510.

The Lexus’s driver, William Henry Scott Harrison 4th, was arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled dangerous substance and distribution of CDS. The Lexus and $1,518.00 in Harrison’s possession was seized for forfeiture.

Suspect 1: Amy Kay Luhman, W/F/36 YOA, 720 Biddle Road, Glen Burnie, MD
Suspect 2: William Henry Scott Garrison 4th, W/M/30 YOA, 1316 Gatwick Road, Glen Burnie, MD.



On July 6, 2010, at approximately 1:30 p.m., detectives from Southern District’s P.A.C.T. unit concluded a month-long investigation into CDS activity at 1722 Fairhill Drive in Edgewater.

With assistance from the Special Operations Section and district officers, detectives served a search and seizure warrant at this location. During a search of the residence, officers recovered and seized 377.3 grams of suspected “kind bud” marijuana with an estimated street value of $11,319, an additional 22.5 grams of suspected “Hashish”, with an estimated street value of $225, 21.4 grams marijuana with an estimated street value of $214, 14.9 grams of suspected heroin with an estimated street value of $2,980 and one .25 caliber semiautomatic handgun. The following individual was located and arrested as a result of the investigation:

Suspect #1: Irene Paul James, 30, of 1722 Fairhill Drive, Edgewater MD. The suspect was charged with CDS Possession-Marijuana, CDS Possession-Not Marijuana, CDS Possession-Paraphernalia, CDS Possession With Intent to Distribute and Possession of a Firearm / Drug Trafficking Crime

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  1. It seems a waste of our resources to go after non-violent pot dealers. Regulate all drugs, kids can still get alcohol easily but I don’t even see that as a key issue-alcohol is in no way less dangerous. They are all substances that can be abused, and far more exploited the way we deal with it now.

    The argument for medical use of marijuana is also never even valid if it is not able to be classified based on type. If it is for medical use the user needs to know what they are getting…not even just that nothing else is in it-but like any drug-some strains may be better at the intended aid purpose. I rarely ever see that argument made. Just letting people NOT get arrested does not truly serve their needs either.

    On the controlled drug issue-this is also a sign of bigger issues than simply the dealer/addict. Many do get addicted to these drugs-often in treating real problems and in many ways abuse is increased because there is a market not only in recreational use but in selling to those who can’t afford a doctor to get a prescription-so the drugs are not being given in a therapeutic way under the care of a doctor but used in desperation and without advice.

    It creates the market, not to mention those who have health care are given these scripts very easily. I myself cannot take more than one before getting sick but after many surgeries am always given a larger rx even though I say I will only take one. My mother has also. No we do not sell them, but we also do not use them. A waste. And yes I have asked for smaller scripts-they always tell me to take it “just in case”.

    Those who have create a surplus that supplies those who have not, and these would easily be available to most young people in middle class and affluent homes-and easily misused as recreational drugs. As if anyone can believe these “good kids” do not pretty much throughout our recent history drink and do drugs for recreation and would sell what Mom or Dad won’t miss from the drug cabinet of unused scripts.

  2. AND as a downtown resident, I am fairly sure that the stoners and pain pill users are not the ones peeing on my house while carrying on loudly every Thurs – Sun. night until all hours. Go ahead and fight drugs, but INCLUDE alcohol. It should also be illegal in that case.

    I did not fight the 2am liquor license deal because even if some go home if one bar closes-enough just go to another and it is not fair. And more policing is almost silly, drunk people are loud and so is having a few cops questioning them…in fact likely adds to the duration and sometimes intensifies their volume. And they should not be going to a car anyway.

    As far as the bathrooms being kept open (another of the plans to appease residents)-I wholeheartedly agree and don’t care who uses them, but the reason they close them is to keep homeless people out I would imagine. I’d rather be bothered by a person with no place to go than someone with the ability to spend something like $7 a drink to get plastered and drive home from here and still pee on my house and disturb my peace. If someone has no toilet I can’t really complain.

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