May 21, 2024
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City Council Votes To End Bar Wars

The decades long fight between the Ward One Residents Association, the City, the Alcohol Beverage Commission, the local bars, and periodically anyone else that wanted to come in and fight for a little bit has ended.

The 6-3 vote  will allow all bars in the affected district to remain open to 2:00am leveling the playing field. Under current regulations, only certain establishments were granted the 2:00am license causing the midnight license holders to cry foul.

The Ward One Residents Association contends that the 2:00am will only exacerbate the crime and vandalism in the area. Many residents claim that bar patrons regularly vomit on, damage, and urinate on their property.

The business owners contend that if those things are happening, it is not due to the closing time of the establishment. If people are inclined to vomit on, urinate on, and damage Ward One properties, they are going to do it at 9:00pm, midnight, or 2:00am. However their primary argument was the loss of revenue (especially in a tough economy) when customers would leave their establishments and continue on with the few who maintained the 2:00am licenses.

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