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Annapolis Predicts $4M Deficit By End Of 1st Quarter

| July 16, 2010, 12:19 PM | 3 Comments

Annapolis is already projecting a $4 million deficit by the end of the first quarter! What is wrong with City Hall?

It only gets worse. Fifteen days into a new budget–one owned by Mayor Cohen, and the Finance Director (remember the one who was in charge when someone stole $150,000 from the City’s vault) says we are already outspending the budget and will be over budget by $4 million by the end of the quarter.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. “By Oct. 31 it looks like we’re actually pretty good,” said Tim Elliott, city finance officer.

Were we “pretty good” a month ago when someone stole the $150K from the vault in the finance department? Why is this guy even still an employee? In a letter to the public, former Mayor Ellen Moyer is attempting to crawl out from under the bus she was tossed under by the new administration. She claims Tim Elliott said things were hunky dory when she left.  Enter the new administration and there is all of a sudden a $13 million deficit.  Are we wagging the dog here? And then there is the City Hall Caper where someone walked off with $150,000 and no one bothered to tell the Mayor.  Curiously, the two who should have told the Mayor (Elliott and Smith) are still employed by the taxpayers.

In reading this latest revelation in The Capital, I think Josh has a case of wishful thinking here. While City Hall may not realize it, the nation is still in a recession and property values are not increasing. The property tax windfall will likely be less than expected due to lower assessments, and people (just like the city) will likely try to pay their bills late to stretch their dollars.

We are 16 days into a new budget and departments are already “overspending” and the Finance Department is already calling for a nearly $4 million overspend in one quarter?

No more committees Mr. Mayor. You need to get to the bottom of this. Sooner than later!

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