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Really Judge Hackner? Really?

This article in The Capital defies belief.

The Facts

  • Dori Joseph Costa was a 43 year old BGE executive earning $200,000 a year.
  • He was charged with and pleaded guilty to groping 4 women at Anne Arundel County Community College in 2009 and 2010.
  • He is eligible for 10 years in prison.
  • In 2006 he received a PBJ for groping a student at the University of Maryland at College Park.
  • March 2009 he was charged with groping a woman at the Community College of Baltimore.
  • Police, attorneys, and college officials believe he is responsible for other gropings.
  • Costa’s lawyer says he expects him to be charged with at least once more in Baltimore County.
  • The community college says they also suspect him in two incidents in late 2009 and early 2009.
  • Birmingham, AL police charged Costs with harassment for inappropriately touching a student at the University of Alabama. The victim insisted to not prosecute and the case was placed on the inactive list.
  • In all of the above incidents, the same MO was used. Costa approaches a woman in a car, places a map on her lap claiming he was lost, while brushing up against her breasts and touching her thighs.

The Comments & Observations

  • This has been a wake-up call for me. It has shown me the magnitude of my depravity. (Costa)
  • Defendant has an unspecified mental illness that caused him to grope the women.
  • He previously attended a treatment program for 2 years after his 2006 arrest and had “done well.” (Costa’s Attorney)
  • Half a loaf is better than none. (Prosecutor)
  • He’s definitely not getting off too easy. (Costa’s Attorney)

The Sentence

  • 10 years in jail. All suspended except for the time served. 5 years supervised probation.  End result, 96 days in a County prison awaiting trial.

The Opinion

Judge Hackner, what the hell were you thinking? Do you not see a pattern here. This is a 43 year old man who is stalking college co-eds. I suppose we should be happy his “condition” didn’t make him attracted to first graders. He has apparently done this to a minimum of 10 women in the past 4 years! He was in “treatment” for two years and “did so well” that since 2008, he groped 6 more women!  Do you have a daughter? Maybe you ought to fix her up on a date with Costa–his wife left him so he is available!

Mr. Papirmeister (Costa’s defense attorney), by what measure do you feel that his prior treatment has shown he has “done well?”  Again, he accosted 6 women AFTER the treatment and in your mind this is a success?

Does anyone really feel this guy will not strike again? And of course, because it was a plea bargain, there is no mention of having him register as a sex offender. Yes, the beauty of Anne Arundel County!

Our judges in the County are seated at the bench for 10 (District) or 15 (Circuit) years! While lawmakers create the laws (and we elect them every 4 years), we rely on these judges to uphold the laws. It seems like many of these judges prefer to use loose interpretations of the laws in their verdicts.

District Court judges are appointed for 10 year terms by the Governor with approval from the Senate. It is important for citizens to know these justices and make your feelings known to your elected officials.

Circuit Court judges are initially appointed by the Governor and then they need to stand for election at the next election cycle for a 15 year term!  So when these judges come up on the ballot, make sure you find out how they rule. This election year, we will see Laura Kiessling and Ron Jarashow up for election to the Circuit Court. Both were appointed by Governor O’Malley this year and will sit until they win (or lose) the next election.

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