July 14, 2024
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Mayor Addresses $150,000 Theft (AUDIO)

This is the audio of Mayor Josh Cohen’s press conference this afternoon addressing the $150,000 theft from City Hall. In addition to the Mayor, Tim Elliott (Director of Finance) and Chief Pristoop (Chief of Police) address the room.

The City does not have any suspect at this time and it appears that the vault area was not under any type of surveillance. The Mayor defended the actions of the Finance Director in advising the police department of the theft yet said it was unacceptable that he was never notified.

He also stated that they will be implementing new security in the finance department to prevent it from happening again.

When asked if it ever occurred to Tim Elliott that he might have advised the Mayor, he said it never occurred to him.

When asked if there were any repercussions, the Mayor declined to answer saying it was being handled internally.

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