September 26, 2023
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Carl Snowden Arrested For Third DUI Offense

Carl Snowden is in the news again today. It seems that he was picked up for driving while intoxicated early this morning on his way back from Baltimore where he only had “one drink” according to The Baltimore Sun.

Snowden is a former Annapolis City Alderman, the current Chairman of the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis (HACA), and is employed by the State of Maryland in the Attorney General’s office as the Director of Civil Rights.

While no one should drive while impaired, people might look the other way–once. However, this is Snowden’s third arrest for a DUI!

According to electronic court records, Snowden seems to have many problems operating vehicles. In the last 9 months:

  • March 2010. Baltimore City. Failure to apply for replacement for mutilated license. Open case.
  • October 2009. Annapolis City. Failure to display license. Guilty $40 fine.
  • February 2010. Baltimore City. Failure to turn off car, set brake and lock ignition. Open case.

While there are laws on the books, it seems odd that a police officer is looking for running cars without the emergency brake or people with a mutilated license. Were there other more significant charges which were overlooked?

According to The Baltimore Sun, Kenny Kirby, Alderman for Annapolis’ 6th Ward stands behind Snowden and claims that “It shouldn’t have any impact. He’s a good friend of mine. … He’s on top of his game.”

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