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| May 19, 2010, 10:49 AM | 55 Comments

Ah, the elusive tipping. Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant will tell you that many stereotypes exist when it comes to tipping. Wikipedia defines a stereotype as “a commonly held public belief about specific social groups or types of individuals”.

Foreigners. When polled about what they liked least about visiting the United States, most said the required tipping in the restaurants and bars. Most countries actually pay their wait staff an appropriate hourly rate and customers are not required to tip. We, however, are the not those countries and our food prices are significantly less because we don’t have to figure in a larger payroll. If you are visiting our lovely country and especially Maryland’s beautiful capital, be aware of our customs and make sure you tip between 18-20%.

Midshipmen. We love you and think you look adorable in your whites, but you are notoriously bad tippers. The same goes for teens. If you can afford to go out to dinner with your girlfriend or for a quiet night with your flavor-of-the-month, then it seems to me that you can afford to tip at least 18%. Leaving me seventy-five cents in change does not constitute a good tip. Leaving change in general is actually really annoying.

Seniors. It used to be that people over the age of 65 were typically terrible tippers, but you’ve really stepped it up in the last few years, and for this, I thank you. I also want to thank my fellow industry workers. Maybe it’s karma, maybe you just sympathize or maybe you just want to share the wealth. Whatever it may be, you seem to always leave us great tips. Thank you.

Ethnicity. I received a comment a few weeks ago stating that servers in Annapolis are racists and don’t care for black people. Racist would not be the correct word. Stereotypically, the black population is known for being demanding and leaving awful tips. I can guarantee that if any server waiting on an African American table received a bad tip, they would not be the least bit shocked. And lest you feel I am being “racist” it’s actually the same with an Indian table and an Asian table.

So here’s my advice to you: Don’t perpetuate the stereotype…CHANGE IT! Put the word out there that these stereotypes exist and actively try to do something about it!

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About the Author - The Bar Bitch

I graduated with an Art degree from a small liberal arts college, did a bit of traveling and moved to Annapolis from Baltimore about seven years ago. I currently manage a well-known Annapolis restaurant, serve and bartend. I live downtown and I like sunsets and long walks on the beach :)

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  1. Burren47 says:

    Thanks for that advice. Now here is my advice to servers…

    Don’t EXPECT 20%…EARN 20%. Yeah, you’re working hard. I get it. But you know what? I worked hard to earn the money I’m using to pay for this meal.

    Twenty percent means that I’d like to see you be reasonably attentive. If I have to search the room to catch your eye for a refill or for a check, you’re not doing your job. And I know that you don’t control the kitchen, but let me know if they’re backed up. Don’t leave me sitting there like an idiot. Oh, and if I get my food and it’s cold, that ain’t the kitchen’s fault and we both know it.

    Be knowledgeable about the menu. Let me know what is good and what isn’t. Don’t push the shitty dishes because the manager tells you two. Remember, I’m paying more of your salary than he is, so who should get the consideration?

    Write it down. I know it looks great when you memorize ten orders, but it is less impressive when I don’t get what I order.

    Twenty percent is not “standard” insomuch as people should plunk it down mindlessly. Twenty percent should be earned. Call out the chiselers who don’t pay their share. But at the same time, let’s acknowledge that there are a LOT of servers out there with a huge sense of entitlement.

  2. Fred Shubbie® says:

    So you admit that one of the reasons blacks are not welcome downtown is that the serving-class makes them feel unwelcome. If I were an owner of an establishment and I found out that my staff was avoiding black tables I would fire them immediately. The fact of the matter is that your ‘stereo-types’ are simply your way of rationalizing your prejudices. Many a devout racist uses the same rational to claim superiority.

    I do applaud you however, for having the gall to explain the nature of the racist overtones in downtown Annapolis.

  3. T McArdle says:

    When did 18% become the ‘norm’? In this economy I can barely afford 15% and that better for be for darned good service. Tips are earned not a right… I do tip 20% but it better be UNREAL good service. I dine out regularly and am also a food writer. Sorry 15% is my standard still.

  4. Running with Scissors says:

    It is not racist! What is wrong with stating a fact. I did many years in service industry and can say 90% of the time the black community tips terribly and can be extremely demanding. Mids are terrible tippers as well. Women as well were terrible tippers.

  5. Burren47 says:

    Well…you may be confused as to what constitutes a “fact.” A fact is something you can footnote with definitive references. What you did there is state a perception. For example, you threw out a number, 90%. To qualify as an actual fact, you’d have to provide the statistical information from which you derived that percentage.

  6. The Bar Bitch says:

    Being a racist and being observant are two entirely different things.

  7. The Bar Bitch says:

    I pose a question to you, Mr. Shubbie- Why is it that the only point of the article you chose to focus on was the comment about the black tables? Is Annapolis not oozing with love amd admiration for our Midshipment? Funny that there seem to be no anti-navy overtones in this town yet they were one of the first groups I targeted.
    The truth is not always pretty and very few have the courage to speak up. By you labling the servers in town as more or less uneducated, binge-drinking racists who should use their degrees to get “real jobs”, are not stereotyping us? Very hypocritical.
    I quote you, Mr. Shubbie “I know of what I am talking about, and my opinions though seemingly horrific to the weak exposes truths people soon find to be propphetic and enlightening”.

  8. running with scissors says:

    Well then maybe the Bar Bitch can gather some statistics to support her claim as well as mine. Since I have been out of the business for a long time I can’t provide them.

  9. Flutterbybutterfly says:

    LOL….Well here ya go!

    T McArdle – You are obviously not up with reality, or the “norm”, so you should avoid restaurants all together. I can guarantee you that no one wants to serve you.

    Burren47 – Many servers work very hard, myself included, to please the people they are waiting on. Even when everything goes smoothly and the table constantly tells you how wonderful everything was; if they fall into one of these stereotypes, I can tell you right now it doesn’t matter. You will still not get the tip you deserve.

  10. FredShubbie® says:

    As I said in my initial post BB—“So you admit that one of the reasons blacks are not welcome downtown is that the serving-class makes them feel unwelcome.” I then go on to develop my point that your sterotypical view of blacks makes you prejudice and your data based rationale for your prejudice does not make you any less racist. you say : “Stereotypically, the black population is known for being demanding and leaving awful tips.” you did not say YOU know them as such, but that they are simply KNOWN to be .

    Therefore, I submit to you that when i mentioned that there is a racism (racially charged biases against non-white races) in the annapolis server community,I was in fact prophectic and insightful. YOU SO MUCH as admit there is a racial bias against black customers.

    I stand by my statement that : “I know of what I am talking about, and my opinions though seemingly horrific to the weak exposes truths people soon find to be propphetic and enlightening”.

  11. My slanted eyes says:

    Ok Guys I’m Asian. I come from a poor country thousand miles away. People expect me to be cheap. And I always joke around about myself being cheap. It’s funny, isn’t it?

    But when I see how you guys treat servers and tip them, you really put me to a shame.

    This isn’t a racist issue. And we don’t need a statistics whatsoever. Print this topic and let the servers you know read it, and ask them how they feel.

    It seems to me that most bad tippers are very rude and demanding.

    I heard from a friend of mine that if midshipmen don’t leave you any tips, you can report them to their school. Is it true?

  12. T McArdle says:

    Don’t take much these days for someone to whip out the race card does it? I hang out at Stan & Joes regularly on West St and there is a very eclectic mix of race, age, and gendera all the time. Those that play the race card like Burren47 here did are if you ask me: THE RACISTS themselves. Maybe because of that chip on your shoulder you exude RACISM and that’s why you feel unwelcome in DTA – couldn’t be anything further from the truth and frankly comments like that are simply divisive. So much for Obummers new ‘united’ world eh? This was a great article – shame someone had to tarnish it with childish and ridiculous accusations of racism. I’m a tea party organizer andcan’t stand Barak Obama – I’m a racist right?!?! Good GRIEF man…

  13. T McArdle says:

    Don’t forget – those ironically from the left – don’t have a clue what a ‘fact’ actually is.

  14. Fred Shubbie® says:

    Geeze BB do I have to do everything around here.

    anyway, have anyone of you people noticed there are hardly any black servers in downtown Annapolis ? Could the racist nature of servers be a side effect of the owner’s hiring practices. I think we need to do an investigative report on why almost all servers in downtown annapolis are white.

  15. Azn_Invasion says:

    Ok…..people are still on this racism crap, really?!? Get a life….I’m Asian, a server, and I come from a middle class family. I for one can say that blacks, Indian, and Asian people are terrible tippers….oh yea I’m racist, i hate my own race, gimme a break, this is for you shubbie, cut the crap, it’s not about race, it’s about how you act, you act like a human you will be treated like one, you come in and act like an animal sure enough we will treat you like one! Just remember us servers all ways remember the terrible tippers, and the next time you come don’t expect good service, sorry we don’t waste our time.

  16. T McArdle says:

    Sorry I wouldn’t beleive NPR if they were reporting that I was on fire while I was on fire. I won’t even bother following that link.

  17. Burren47 says:

    T McArdle…I didn’t say one word about race, genius. Furthermore, I said nothing that could be construed as left-leaning. How about less ranting and more reading?

  18. T McArdle says:

    Burren you’re right – I apologize – I referenced the wrong poster! :(

  19. Springs1 says:

    I fully agree with you only MOST of these issues, but not all.

    “Oh, and if I get my food and it’s cold, that ain’t the kitchen’s fault and we both know it.”

    I would say the MAJORITY of the time it’s that the kitchen staff didn’t COOK the food long enough.

    Sometimes, it has and CAN be the server’s fault for letting it sit while they play around, but all I am saying is what me and my husband have had.

    A cold as (almost ice cold like a refridgerator) chicken sandwich at Chili’s my husband recently received. It can’t be that cold just sitting out on the counter.

    Had a bowl of bisque several times from a certain italian restaurant that never seems to be warm enough. One of the times, the waitress got it out almost immediately after ordering, so it wasn’t sitting out. It was that they didn’t warm it up enough.

    In those cases where the kitchen staff didn’t cook or warm up the food enough, you can’t tell me that you would think your server should TOUCH your food, do you? You don’t want your server touching your food when they deal with MONEY and DIRTY DISHES.

    I am just saying most of the time that is why your food is cold, but sometimes it CAN VERY WELL be that your server forgot to get your food when it was done or delayed getting it to you due to chit-chatting with a friend for example.

    “Be knowledgeable about the menu. Let me know what is good and what isn’t.”

    I 100% agree about knowing your menu, which a lot of times I know the menu BETTER than the server does at some restaurants.

    I don’t agree with caring about what my server thinks is good or not. If I want to know, I will ask, but otherwise, keep opinions to yourself I feel. I don’t care if my server thinks such-n-such dish is good. It only matters if I think it’s good. I rarely ask for opinions of servers. I know what kind of food I want and don’t care about what they like most of the time.

    “Write it down. I know it looks great when you memorize ten orders, but it is less impressive when I don’t get what I order.”

    This one MILLION TIMES agree with you, but writing down isn’t a guarantee if the server puts in the order wrong into the computer or/and doesn’t bring it out right if they bring it out.

    I will agree, the first step is to TRY to remember it by WRITING IT DOWN!! I cannot stand when servers don’t write things down. I don’t care if the remember it. It makes me worry that they won’t get it right. I have even asked servers to write orders down. Some have refused, which most of the ones that were too lazy to write it down got things wrong. I feel if I have to ASK for you to write it down, you show your laziness. I know a few restaurants out there have managers that want you to not write things down, but to me, that’s just plain stupid. Giving comps when you can make money all because you want the look and feel to be professional, when in reality, it’s a failure due to complicated orders or too many orders at once that just can’t be all memorized.

    “And I know that you don’t control the kitchen, but let me know if they’re backed up.”

    More times than not, you server has A LOT to do with that wait for your food. If they didn’t put the order in right after they got it(assuming they don’t have to do something that was asked BEFOREHAND such as deliver food/bar drinks/other requests). Did they put in your order correctly? Did they forget to bring something from the kitchen if they delivered your food? Did they get it as soon as they possibly could?(meaning they aren’t at another table taking an order for example).

    What I am saying is, they have more control than what you think. Sometimes it is that the kitchen staff is backed up or low staffed or your food takes a long time to prepare(ex. well done steak). I fully agree that your server should notify you of WHERE your food is as to how LONG you should have if it’s taking more than like 35 minutes or so. If it’s an almost empty restaurant 30 minutes.

    “If I have to search the room to catch your eye for a refill or for a check, you’re not doing your job.”

    I fully agree. Your server should ask that stuff and come up to YOU, NOT you try to flag them down. I am not saying hovering, but be there when there are obvious times where it’s very possible someone wants something such as an almost empty glass for example or asking if dessert is wanted, even if it is, a good server would ask if that will be all, so the check can be brought out BEFORE the dessert arrives if it’s wanted instead of prolonging the paying process by waiting until after the dessert. If it’s not wanted, then the server will know by asking and not assuming.

    “Twenty percent should be earned. But at the same time, let’s acknowledge that there are a LOT of servers out there with a huge sense of entitlement.”

    This one I ONE ZILLION TIMES AGREE WITH!! The tip should be EARNED, NOT A RIGHT!!

    I would say A LOT of servers feel they are ENTITLED to that tip. Heck, some servers even keep coin change, because they feel entitled.

    My husband and I usually tip with a credit card. Back in 2004, we bought some gift certificates for christmas time where you get $20 free. Well, we used 2 of them on ourselves. Our check was $34.69, paid with (2) $20 gift certificates(NOT GIFT CARDS, PAPER CERTIFICATES). The waiter was too lazy to either keep coins on him or go to the bar or manager, he shorted our money by giving us just $5 back, not the 31 cents that was owed as well. It’s not the cents, it’s the fact that he STOLE IT WITHOUT PERMISSION as if that was HIS JOB TO TIP HIMSELF!! ENTITELMENT 101, HE GOT COMPLETELY STIFFED, because HE STOLE, WE STOLE!! What goes around, comes around.

    When you are too LAZY to do ALL OF YOUR JOB which is to get the ENTIRE AMOUNT OF CHANGE, YOU DESERVE NOTHING to do short cuts. It wasn’t even busy. It was like in the afternoon.

    It’s ENTITLEMENT that he thought we’d AT LEAST tip 31 cents worth. I FULLY AGREE it’s all about ENTITLEMENT!! You don’t just get a tip, you EARN IT!!

    The people at McDonald’s don’t keep my coins. WHY, just because we tip servers they have any RIGHTS to keep someone’s coin change? That’s truly tipping themselves instead of letting the CUSTOMER DECIDE THE TIP!! I don’t care if it was only a penny that he owed, he would have gotten NOTHING on the table. I would have made him get my penny back to WORK for the job that he was SUPPOSED TO DO as his PART OF HIS JOB and stiffed him over a penny. It’s not the amount, it’s the LAZINESS, STEALING, and ENTITLEMENT FACTORS!! You are too lazy to bring some change from home or exchanging some from the bar or manager before your shift starts or get change from the bar when needed then you shouldn’t be a server then. PART of the job it to get someone’s change if they pay with cash as far as if they choose to get change back that is.

    “Don’t push the shitty dishes because the manager tells you two. Remember, I’m paying more of your salary than he is, so who should get the consideration?”

    I agree, but they have secret shoppers and could get fired if they don’t. I wish servers can just shut their mouths about the specials unless you say “YES” to the question “Would you like to hear about the specials?” Some people would, so I would rather be asked than to sit through a time wasting session when all I want to do is order what I want to.

    The manager may MAKE them do this and they could get fired if they don’t, so it sucks, but honestly unless you tell your server you don’t want to hear the specials or you are ready to order, you may have to sit through the bull.

  20. Flutterbybutterfly says:

    Sprigs…….I completely understand what you mean with the server keeping the .31 cents, but at some restaurants, like the one I work at….we don’t deal with change (EVER). We round up and down! If you come in one night, you might get stiffed 40 cents or so, but the next night you come in, you could make 50 cents. It balances out in the end. OH, BTW, the server doesn’t keep it, the restaurant does!

  21. Springs1 says:


    Read some of the comments on this forum. MOST agree that it’s the PRINCIPLE of it that you should give back ALL change and if you can’t, to ROUND to THEIR FAVOR, NOT THE SERVER’S FAVOR”

    Ampere said: “I’m with you. If the restaurant wants to round, it should be in the customer’s favor, not their own.”

    This person has a point: Lola said: “I’m asking for my change. After all, it is MY change. I don’t think the restaurant would be happy if I walked out without paying that last 5 cents. They’d come running down the sidewalk after me.”

    Brian Irvins has a good point as well: “You better believe that if I short changed my credit card payment or electric bill it would be noted.
    Money is money.”

    You can’t short your electric bill by cents, so just because a server makes tips, they think it’s their job to tip it seems instead of the CUSTOMER’S JOB!!

    I don’t get the MENTALITY of that it’s YOUR MONEY when it’s NOT?

    E. Nowak said: “I think it reflects the entitlement attitude of the twenty-something generation.”


    Eileen said: “Regardless of what you’re planning to do with it (i.e. leave a tip), that decision is yours and not the server’s.”

    See, the money honestly isn’t the SERVER’S MONEY to tip with.

    Leslie has such a good point “It’s not the amount of money, it’s the presumption of rounding off in their favor, without a single word about it. I used to wait tables – I NEVER would have made the assumption that 4 pennies is “no biggie” – I would’ve made sure they had the right change, or I would’ve offered up the nickel. Fact is, any server in their right mind isn’t going to short-change the customer ANY amount of money – if they want a good tip, that is.”


    There are plenty more comments that agree with me.

    “OH, BTW, the server doesn’t keep it, the restaurant does!”

    100% NOT TRUE!! Any overages you make, you don’t owe that to the restaurant. You ONLY OWE what the RESTAURANT made in SALES, NOT ANY OVERAGES!! That means YOU made the profit in TIPS!! That is such a LIE and YOU KNOW IT!!

    The restaurant doesn’t keep money they didn’t make. That doesn’t even make any sense.

    YOU MAKE THE PROFIT, NOT the restaurant from any overages.

    “I work at….we don’t deal with change (EVER).”

    It’s the SERVER’S RESPONSIBILITY FIRST OFF to BRING coin change. You have it if you keep for example a roll of pennies in your apron, some quarters, some nickels, and a roll of dimes(which is very light weight) on you.

    Servers at most restaurants have a change bank on them. You can get some change exchanged at even Wal-greens. I have done it with change I wanted to get rid of for example. You don’t even need to go to a bank.

    “We round up and down!”

    No, you round UP, even if it’s YOU that gets the lower end. You are SELFISH that you round DOWN in YOUR FAVOR!! That’s STEALING!!

    WHERE do you get off thinking it’s OK to ROUND DOWN? YOU ARE A THIEF!!

    You can’t LEGALLY do this. That is STEALING!!

    You always round in the customer’s favor, even if that means YOU lose money, because chances are, they will be much more willing to leave you more if you do so. A good example, the waiter didn’t want to deal with change, he could have given 2 quarters or even $6 instead of $5. YOU SHORT YOURSELF, NOT US!!

    WHERE do you get off thinking it’s OK to take **SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY**?

    Even if you have to round to the next dollar and make your money less, that is what you have to do.

    You should be keeping change ON YOU. You can keep a roll of pennies. Don’t tell me you can’t. You just want to make excuses.

    WHY do you want to be so SELFISH as to round down so you can have more of someone else’s money? You can round to the next dollar if necessary even if someone is only owed ONE PENNY even. That’s YOU that wants to be SELFISH!! As I said before, BRING A ROLL OF PENNIES ON YOU!! It’s not up to YOU to take OUR MONEY AND DECIDE WHAT THE TIP WILL BE!!


    “If you come in one night, you might get stiffed 40 cents or so, but the next night you come in, you could make 50 cents. It balances out in the end. OH, BTW, the server doesn’t keep it, the restaurant does!”

    Not if you don’t go there again. We have been to restaurants where we ONLY went once to. Especially ones where we were on vacation for example and didn’t like the restaurant or just plain went once, hated it and never went back.

    Also it doesn’t balance out if the change is always a small amount such as the 31 cents, it sure DOESN’T.

    “I completely understand what you mean with the server keeping the .31 cents”

    NO, obviously you DON’T, because if you would, you would round in the CUSTOMER’S FAVOR, NOT YOURS, even if that meant an entire dollar or you would be a ***RESPONSIBLE*** and CARING server to BRING SOME COINS ON YOU IN YOUR APRON POCKET!!!

    YOU ARE STEALING!!! Those coins aren’t yours to take.

    If you understood, understand this analogy:

    If I go into your purse to get some coins without ASKING first, don’t you think that’s STEALING? This is the SAME THING!! The money isn’t YOURS to take at that point. That’s still the CUSTOMER’S MONEY!!


    Always give back in the CUSTOMER’S FAVOR if you round if you **CHOOSE TO BE TOO LAZY TO BRING COINS ON YOU***!! It’s NOT ***YOUR*** MONEY TO TIP WITH!! The server isn’t supposed to tip, the CUSTOMER IS!! You are a THEIF!!

  22. flutterbybutterfly says:

    UM….you are obviously a psychotic freak….so this conversation is over! And….you probably shouldn’t go out and eat anymore!!!

  23. The Bar Bitch says:

    I did a bit of research and found that several American studies showed that ethnic and minority servers received lower tips than their white counterparts, which means they are subject to racial discrimination from customers, not the establishments they work for. So maybe that’s the reason there seems to be a lack of black servers in Annapolis. For the past three years that I have been a restaurant manager, I have only had one black person ask me for an application and I ended up hiring him. So I’m sure your “investigation”, Mr. Shubbie, will show the same.

  24. Springs1 says:

    This comment was deleted because of the number of personal attacks on another commenter. To the commenter–if you want to edit it and resubmit without the ad hominem attacks, go for it. Well reasoned arguments are great. Attackas and name calling–not so much! Thanks.

    EOA Staff

  25. burren47 says:

    I think your Caps Lock button is stuck.

  26. Flutterbybutterfly says:

    I don’t think there is a need for such obscene language, and you don’t know me… a matter of fact I have never stolen from anyone. Think before you speak…or type!

  27. Springs1 says:

    “I have never stolen from anyone. Think before you speak…or type!”


  28. Springs1 says:

    “you don’t know me”

    I know that you stated:
    “the server doesn’t keep it, the restaurant does!”

    You know that this isn’t truly true.

    If I truly owe $34.69, that’s ALL, EVERY SINGLE CENT I OWE to the restaurant. That 31 cents, would have been his tip if he would have given back all the change, so WHY if I didn’t ask for it back and either just left or left more, that the 31 cents would MAGICALLY APPEAR in the RESTAURANT’S SALES?


    It’s just simply NOT TRUE!! It’s the CUSTOMER’S TIP MONEY YOU ARE KEEPING WHEN YOU KEEP THE MONEY. Honestly, they didn’t GET to tip it, YOU TOOK IT WITHOUT ASKING FIRST OR THEM TIPPING IT FIRST, HONESTLY!! That 31 cents goes to that waiter. WHY would it go the restaurant. I didn’t ORDER 31 cents more of PRODUCTS, so HOW IN THE WORLD can it be the restaurant’s money?


  29. Springs1 says:

    “I have never stolen from anyone. Think before you speak…or type!”

    Think BEFORE YOU TYPE!!!

    You steal when you don’t have ANY PERMISSION from the customer to keep ANY CENTS of their change. That is true.

    When you are at a store, they owe you a dime, woudn’t you speak up?

    WHY is that ANY DIFFERENT, just because you make tips? Just because you get paid $2.13/hr doesn’t mean you have ANY **LEGAL** RIGHT to TAKE SOMEONE’S CHANGE if they didn’t tell it it was OK to keep it or left!!

    Think BEFORE you type!!

    If you owe at CVS $23.93, they make you pay EVERY PENNY, so if they said I won’t give you the extra 7 cents, you wouldn’t see that as STEALING? I bet YOU sure would. WHY, because you make tips, you think it’s OK to take even a PENNY of SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY?

    It’s morally and LAWFULLY most importantly WRONG!!

    You did steal by shorting customers. Please admit that and I will leave you alone. Please just admit to the public that you just LIED, PLEASE!!

  30. EOA Staff says:

    Yelling back and forth is not solving anything. Why don;t you agree to disagree. I have never been in a restaurant where they present a check and round up or down. The amount due is the amount presented int he check. Often I will receive more money back; but only when it is in my favor. Example: Bill is $34.02 and I pay with $40. I am entitled to $5.98 back–very often I will get $6 back. I have assumed that the reason was that the server was processing the bill out of his or her tips and woudl tab out of the restaurant later. Maybe it was to expedite the turn of the table or for some nefarious reason. I always assumed that the .02 I “earned” was ultimately taken from the server’s tips at the end of the night. All told it might be $1 or $2 at the end of the night and woiudl be a small price to pay for expediency.

    But if the policy is to round up and down I think it needs to be stated on the menu like they do with the automatic gratuity for parties over a certain size. . Maybe the solution is to price it all with tax included so it is all round numbers.

  31. Springs1 says:

    EOA Staff
    “Why don;t you agree to disagree.”

    You can’t argue with ***FACTS**** though. You even admit, that 2 cents of the $5.98 you were owed(got $6 back) was YOURS, NOT the restaurant’s, therefore, HOW can you ARGUE with FACTS?

    It is truly IMPOSSIBLE for me to owe as in your example $6 to the restaurant if I truly only owe $5.98. If I don’t ask for my 2 cents back, MY SERVER gets to keep it, which is Flutterbybutterfly stated, the “the server doesn’t keep it, the restaurant does!”, which this is NOT TRUE by LAW and FACT!!!

    You can’t agree to disagree with FACTS!!

    There are NO OPINIONS when talking about CUSTOMER’S MONEY.

    “But if the policy is to round up and down I think it needs to be stated on the menu like they do with the automatic gratuity for parties over a certain size.”

    If it’s the policy, then the customer that CONSENTED to such-n-such price should get that price by LAW!!

    We have had MANY of times wrong prices on the menu. NO ISSUES with the managers 99.9% of the times(we have had MANY of instances, NOT just one or 2 over the past 8yrs just about that we are married), where the managers tried to argue with us that the menu prices weren’t the correct prices. Being so, if the server knows it’s wrong, it’s on the SERVER to OWE what is truly owed, NOT the restaurant.

    If you know the prices on the menu is 50 cents over the computer price for example from another cusotmer, then you charge another customer that, they see it, how can you not be at fault for not noticing it? The amount you owe is on the menu. If you owe more, it would be on the menu.

    If the restaurant doesn’t want to deal with change, even if ONE CENT is owed, you pay AN ENTIRE DOLLAR EXTRA to the customer than to SHORT a customer, because otherwise you are TRULY, HONESTLY, and TRULY LAWFULLY STEALING!!

    This is not something to agree to disagree. This a A FACT that it’s truly not the SERVER’S MONEY TO TIP WITH!! THE CUSTOMER TIPS, NOT THE SERVER UNLESS THEY ARE THE CUSTOMER!!

    Since when do servers tip themselves without asking permission first? I have never heard of that before?

    CUSTOMERS decide if or what amount to tip. That is the TRUTH AND LAW!!

    There is no agree to disagree. You can’t argue with PURE 100% FACTS!!

    If I owe ANY restaurant McDonald’s or Applebee’s $9.65, paid with a $10 bill, but the server at Applebee’s only gave back a quarter, that extra 10 cents couldn’t LEGALLY go to the restaurant. It would AUTOMATICALLY got to the server.

    That is why I say HOW can you truly say to “AGREE TO DISAGREE” when you are dealing with PURE ********FACTS*****************************?

    I am not lying, so please try to understand what I am saying. It’s not my server’s job to TIP anybody, it’s the CUSTOMER’S ONLY CHOICE to tip. If the customer says to keep it, that was their choice, but if they don’t, that’s when it becomes the CUSTOMER’s CHOICE since the server didn’t get any permission to take the money yet that truly isn’t theirs since they didn’t here the “it’s OK from the customer” or they left type of permission to take someone’s else’s money.

    I am truly sorry for cursing, but I was so mad at the fact that people can’t admit when they are WRONG on a FACTUAL LEVEL. I have PHYSICAL PROOF that it cannot POSSIBLY be THEIR MONEY YET, because it’s the customer’s money until they leave or say so.

    I get mad when people LIE. How can you posssibly say it’s true that the RESTAURANT gets to keep 0.02 of $5.98, when you owe the restaurant $5.98. That 2 cents goes to your server. That is the GOD’S TRUTH!!

    There is no such thing is to “AGREE TO DISAGREE” with a FACT!! You even admitted . I always assumed that the .02 “I “earned” was ultimately taken from the server’s tips at the end of the night.”

    That’s ONLY if you tipped ZERO. If you tipped anything more than one penny, THEY EARNED your profit from getting the overage they decided to pay you from their tips, NOT the restaurant’s money. They can’t short the restaurant, but they decide to short the customer.

    Think about it. You tip $6, let’s say you decide 2 cents is the tip, because the service was awful. The SERVER makes that their tip, NOT the restaurant. The server doesn’t OWE the restaurant 2 cents. If anything, the server tips out the bartenders(if any), bussers, hostess, etc. The server only owes the restaurant $34.02, PERIOD, NOT $34.04. That 2 cents is NOT the restaurant’s money LEGALLY, HONESTLY!!

    WHY should I have to agree to disagree when FACTS are brought into play?

    I didn’t make the facts. The facts are what they are. Customer’s money is customer’s money to tip with. Customers get to tip, NOT THEIR SERVERS, unless the customer gives permission to. The restaurant doesn’t keep 2 cents if I leave $2 cents from the $5.98 I am owed, but get $6. MY SERVER gets to keep those 2 pennies. HOW can you say the restaurant keeps what they don’t make in sales LEGALLY? They can’t!!

    WHY can’t you just be honest yourself? You owe $4.01 at McDonald’s, it’s NO DIFFERENT, NO DIFFERENT, NO DIFFERENT, than Applebee’s. You owe $4.01, the server shorts you one penny at Applebee’s or McDonald’s, it’s YOUR PENNY, NOT the restaurant’s one cent. You only owe what you owe, PERIOD to the restaurant. ANY OVERAGE goes to the server. YOU CANNOT LEGALLY ARGUE WITH FACTS!! While the server may have to tip out to other employees. That has ZERO to do with giving the customer the correct amount of change owed to them.

    I can’t agree to disagree if I can FACTUAL PROVE that what she is saying is FALSE!! It’s not her money to tip with, so HOW can she take it and HOW can the restaurant make PROFITS from a NON-SALE amount? It’s just IMPOSSIBLE, it really is. Can’t you just admit I am right and I will leave it alone? YOU KNOW LEGALLY IN YOUR EXAMPLE, YOU GAINED 2 cents that you ADMITTED WASN’T YOURS, so HOW can you disagree when you are AGREEING WITH ME WHEN IT’S A FACT?

    It’s impossible for it to be the restaurant’s money when you get an overage or an underage. Either they short you keeping the money themselves or if they give you over, they pay out of their TIPS(as you admitted 2 cents).

  32. EOA Staff says:

    A restaurant, like any business, decides their own policies as well as the people with whom they want to do business. It appears to be a ****FACT**** (I see how you like upper case and asterisks, so I tossed in a bold just to upstage you a bit) that the policy of this restaurant is to round up. I have never heard of that I admit. But if that is the policy, you, as the customer, have a choice to dine with them–or not.

    A restaurant can decide to put a “laundry fee” of $5 on every table with children under 5. They can (and many finer restaurants do) automatically add 18% or more to the bill no matter the size of the party. I still maintain that whatever policies are in place be identified because no one likes surprises.

    I don’t know where “flutterbybutterfly” works, but it is quite possible that she receives the change to give the customer FROM the restaurant. For you to lambaste him or her because you don;t know all the ****FACTS**** seems a bit off the mark.

    A question for you–have you ever worked in the service industry yourself?

  33. The Bar Bitch says:

    Springs, an eye for an eye, huh? Your server shorts you 31 cents and you short him between $7-$9 of his hard earned money? I think that’s worse than him “stealing” your change. The general population hates dealing with change, I for one, always give change (mainly to avoid having to deal with customers like you) but I’m sure he assumed you would AT LEAST give him 31 cents and could deduct the rest of his tip accordingly. I know it’s YOUR money, blah blah blah, and I’m not saying what he did was right or wrong, but I doubt it was malicious.
    In my restaurant it is restaurant policy that at the end of the night when we cash out, we round up or down to the nearest dollar. Some nights I get that extra dollar, some nights I don’t. So YES many times fractions of dollars DO go to the restaurant and NOT the server.
    Although no restaurant implicitly states or charges for smaller costs, how much do you think that lemon wedge in your water costs? Or your straw? Ice? Soap to clean your dishes? Napkin? etc. I’m sure it ends up being more than 31 cents.
    Sometimes I think you need to pick your battles. If it bothered you SO much, why didn’t you say something to him or a manager?
    I am right there with the other staff member when I ask-

    Have you ever worked in the industry?

  34. Springs1 says:

    “that the policy of this restaurant is to round up. I have never heard of that I admit. But if that is the policy, you, as the customer, have a choice to dine with them–or not.”

    You only **LEGALLY** owe what the MENU PRICES are. It’s unfair if someone pays with a credit card, they get to pay the exact amount, but a person that pays with cash gets jipped. There are no policies that state that customers can’t get their amount owed back. There is no such thing. A server can bring some coins on them and not do that if they choose to.

    “They can (and many finer restaurants do) automatically add 18% or more to the bill no matter the size of the party.”

    That’s on the MENU!! You haven’t told me anything new. If it’s not on the menu, they can’t legally charge you any fees just because you pay with cash vs. a credit card.

    “receives the change to give the customer FROM the restaurant. because you don;t know all the ****FACTS**** seems a bit off the mark.”

    I know that she only owes the amount of SALES, NOT any overages.


    Now, I have heard of some managers making servers pay for walk-outs or mistakes they have made. Now, that I have heard.

    “have you ever worked in the service industry yourself?”

    A donut shop that served burgers, fries, biscuits, chicken tenders, sandwiches, etc. So, it was called a diner, but I was counter help, not a waitress. I did serve the counter, booths, tables, and drive-thru. I did make tips, just much less than a waitress does. I did do some server duties such as take the person’s order, bring it to the table, get refills, condiments, etc., ask if they needed anything, bring the check sometimes if they didn’t pay up front(like Denny’s for example makes you pay up front), bring change if they paid at their table or booth.

    Sure, it’s not the same, just on a much smaller level. I did that from 1998-2002, off and on, which I truly worked there about a little over 2yrs worth.

    While I wasn’t a true waitress, I sure did deal with the pubic serving food and drinks as a waitress does, just on a much, much, smaller level. I was paid $6 plus tips which could range from as little as $10 a shift to as much as $40 or so a shift. Usually, an 8hr shift would get you $20-$25. Even if you worked in the morning, you had to split it with another person working with you unlike the afternoon or night(open 24hrs) when it wasn’t busy as much when I worked by myself up front.

    I did work with a register and once, my manager couldn’t go to the bank immediately when we were out of pennies. Guess what? He told us to even if the customers were owed ONE penny, to give them a nickel, to make sure we NEVER SHORTED a customer.

    My point is, even my manager made sure we didn’t do something morally wrong as to steal. Can’t you see you can’t LEGALLY charge something more that isn’t listed more on the menu?

  35. EOA Staff says:

    OK you’re right.

  36. Flutterbybutterfly says:

    LOL….good job EOA Staff! That’s about the only way this craziness will end ;c)

  37. Springs1 says:

    “I think that’s worse than him “stealing” your change.”

    That’s because it’s YOUR money when you are server. It’s worse, because it’s punishing YOUR MONEY instead of someone else’s. That shows you are being SELFISH THERE!!

    It’s not ANY WORSE to take one person’s money vs. another. It’s equally just as bad regardless of the amount. Stealing is stealing REGARDLESS of the amount.

    “I’m sure he assumed you would AT LEAST give him 31 cents and could deduct the rest of his tip accordingly.”

    That’s the point, HE “ASSUMED” he was getting a tip instead of ***EARNING*** it by not be SO ***LAZY**** to go to the bar to get the coins or bring some on him in his apron pocket.

    The “ENTITLEMENT” mentality is where that stems from. You can’t TIP YOURSELF, that’s not LEGAL to do so. That is STEALING!!

    He assumed we would leave a tip instead of letting the CUSTOMER decide what the tip will or will not be. It’s not HIS money to assume this. That was OUR MONEY OWED, NOT HIS!! That is the point.

    “I’m not saying what he did was right or wrong, but I doubt it was malicious.”

    I know he wasn’t trying or gave a care about 31 cents of all things, neither did we. It was that he took it without asking first and he was too LAZY to do the ENTIRE JOB!! The ENTIRE JOB is to COMPLETE the process of getting change to the customer if the customer didn’t say to keep it or they left.

    The server’s job is to get you your change if you pay with cash.

    It was wrong, because at that point, it wasn’t his money, it was THE CUSTOMER’S, so that is morally wrong to steal. Remember one of the 10 commandments “Thou shall not steal.” When you take something that isn’t yours, that’s stealing. It’s not up to the server to do the tipping. That’s where he was wrong in being too lazy.

    Honestly, it was about laziness entirely. I know he didn’t give a care at all about the cents, he could cared less. He just wanted to not have to get coins from the bar. WHY should I tip someone well that doesn’t do their ENTIRE JOB and wants to be LAZY? The server’s job is to COMPLETE giving you change if you don’t tell them to keep it.

    Your server’s job is not to do the tipping for you.

    “Some nights I get that extra dollar, some nights I don’t. So YES many times fractions of dollars DO go to the restaurant and NOT the server.”

    NO, it doesn’t. Think about it. Let’s say the night’s sales that you rung up throughout your shift were $800. Let’s say with your tips(let’s say in a fake example everyone paid with cash), you have on you $950.50. Let’s say you did more overages than underages you took in. You ONLY owe $800 to the restaurant. The rest was YOU taking your OWN TIP MONEY.

    Think about it. 2 customers for example. One customer you owe 2 cents, the other you give over $5 cents. You just jipped YOUR TIP MONEY out of 3 cents, NOT the restaurant. You only owe the SALES you rung up, PERIOD!!

    You can LEGALLY only owe what you rung up. If the restaurant makes you pay more, then that is illegal from them stealing, which is highly unlikely they are doing that, because it’s a paper trail of what you owe. Their records indicate such-n-such amount of sales. They can’t make you pay more than what the sales are. The overage is tips. If you let’s say short yourself by giving $2 in change when you owe them $1.90, that’s YOUR 10 cents you are choosing to give out of YOUR OWN POCKET, NOT THE RESTAURANT’S MONEY.

    You obviously don’t get what I am saying? YOU ONLY OWE THE SALES TO THE RESTAURANT, NOT if the customer leaves you the rest of their change even if you decided to give them more, that is out of your own pocket. If you give less change, that’s stealing from the customer. Overages and underages in change have ZERO to do with the SALES took in from the restaurant. I don’t get why you can’t see what I am saying?

    If you would give exact change to the customer, which if most customers would leave every penny of the coins and only a couple of them didn’t, it would be the same thing you owe the restaurant as if you had rounded up and down thoughout the entire shift. The money owed to the RESTAURANT is the SALES ONLY. You can’t owe more than what the register z-out’s what you put in(I am assuming you are using a system such as what I did at the donut shop where your register printed out the sales of the entire shift. If the restaurant took in $800, you can’t owe $803.25 to the restaurant. You only owe $800. The rest is YOUR TIP MONEY that you either stole or decided to jip yourself with that maybe if you gave exact change, you may have taken in $805 and on another shift you may have to pay up, because you gave to much over. It’s not your money, it’s the money you decided to give over to the customer that stiffed you for example. When I stiffed the waiter on the $34.69, let’s say I wouldn’t have asked for MY(MY) 31 cents back, you still would ONLY OWE $34.69 on that customer to the restaurant, NOT my 31 cents I would have decided to not get back. That would have been your tip. Do you finally understand what I am saying?

  38. The Bar Bitch says:

    Springs, I am going to attempt one mroe time to explain this to you-

    If at the end of the night, my checkout says that I owe the restaurant $99.50 then that is what the restaurant made on sales. It is standard procedure at EVERY SINGLE RESTAURANT I HAVE EVER WORKED IN to round up or down from 50 cents. SO, I give the restaurant $100, NOT $99.50. SO in fact, the restaurant IS pocketing 50 cents of my tips. SO, YES, I am correct.

    I think my experience in the restaurant industry over the last 10 years trumps yours.

  39. Springs1 says:

    The Bar Bitch
    “SO, I give the restaurant $100, NOT $99.50. SO in fact, the restaurant IS pocketing 50 cents of my tips. SO, YES, I am correct.”

    Then that is ILLEGAL and should report this to the BBB. That was YOUR 50 cents and they can’t take it LEGALLY, they can’t. You have a PAPER trail from the register to PROVE IT.

  40. Springs1 says:

    The Bar Bitch
    Also, if you never rounded up or down at all throughout your shift and you still owed to the restaurant for example, then that has nothing to do with the customer is what I am saying. Do you understand that? That’s between you and the restaurant manager if you owe more even if you didn’t short a customer or give any overages in coins.

    My point is, that is not a customer issue. That is 100% a SERVER issue then and it should not be told to me as if I should consider that when I tip as a customer when rounding has ZERO to do with you owing that 50 cents. THAT is the truth then.

  41. EOA Staff says:

    The BBB has nothing to do with this. If you are upset with a business AS A CONSUMER–you can go to them, but they have no regulatory or legal authority other than to “grade you” on their website. Many feel the BBB is a pay to play outfit. But Bar Bitch said that she sometimes makes that 50 cents on other nights and it works out. Seems like her boss and she are relatively happy with the way they deal with it.

  42. Springs1 says:

    “But Bar Bitch said that she sometimes makes that 50 cents on other nights and it works out.”

    My main point was just to point out that it doesn’t have anything to do with giving overages or underages if barbitch owes 50 cents. That’s all I want to point out, basically, why include overages and underages if that has ZERO to do with this convesation?

    That just doesn’t make sense to include tip overages and underages, because that’s what it is, part of TIPS that customers decided to give. If my server owes the restaurant, that’s on them, NOT ME whether they gave exact change to me or not. It’s irrelevant to mention giving over or under the customer’s change. That has nothing to do with my server owing more money at the end. If I didn’t ask for my 31 cents back, they would have used that 31 cents that we gave as tip at the end of the shift to give to the restaurant as part of what they owe and let’s say they owed 50 cents, they’d have to take some more money out their tips to give the 19 cents owed. That has nothing to do with the customer though as far as what happens at the end of the server’s shift they have to pay. That money should be out the server’s pocket, not punish the customer for it. It’s not my fault the manager is unfair that he says you owe more than what sales were taken in. That’s not my problem or issue as a customer.

  43. EOA Staff says:

    OK, you’re right.

  44. Seth Perry says:

    Maybe I’m just a kid who doesn’t fully appreciate the value of a dollar, but all this fuss and bother over less than fifty cents or so seems like a bit much. In principle, Springs1, you’re right, but it’s not worth writing an essay about (take it from someone who knows a thing or two about writing essays). The US Constitution doesn’t even guarantee a jury trial when less than twenty dollars is at stake–neither the founding fathers nor the people in this comment thread seem to be incredibly concerned with your (or their) change. If you feel so strongly that you’ve been stiffed, I will send you some quarters. Until then, you may be better off paying with a credit card. Then maybe you can get enough miles to fly free to a country where more people agree with your definition of “TRULY, HONESTLY, and TRULY LAWFULLY STEALING!!”

  45. Fred Shubbie® says:

    I agree with Seth this whole thread is much ado ’bout nuffin’.

    I think we need to refocus this discussion as to why there are hardly any black servers in annapolis. Could it be that the owners of the establishments are racists and that has filtered down to the servers, thus making blacks feel hesitant to come downtown? In my opinion the owner’s and servers are shooting themselves in the foot.

  46. Flutterbybutterfly says:

    Or Shubbie…it could have a little to do with the ethnicity of individuals that apply for the jobs, or the ethnicity of a majority of people in the Annapolis area in general. I have grown up in the area, and have lived here most of my life. I am slowly noticing the change, to a more culturally diverse Annapolis, but it still has a long way to go. It’s nothing like being in DC or Northern Virgina!

  47. burren47 says:

    Flutterbybutterfly…wherever you go in this country, with a few notable exceptions, whites are going to be in the majority, if that’s what you’re getting at. At 24%, Annapolis’ black population is twice that of the national average. Shubster…you’re setting up a strawman argument. And like I said on the Capital site, no one, and I mean NO ONE, sets up a better strawman than you!

  48. Flutterbybutterfly says:

    Burren47….I’m not just talking about the black population. There are many other ethnic groups in the area.

  49. burren47 says:

    So when you’re talking about cultural diversity you are talking about….

  50. Flutterbybutterfly says:

    Asian, Black, Indian, White…or even Muslim, Arabic, Christian…….that is diversity (and there are soooo many more).

  51. burren47 says:

    Ah. The whole Benetton thing. That is great in principal, but it fairly impossible except in areas of high population concentrations. Asians make up 4% of the population, Arabic (and I’m assuming that you mean Arab) is less than one-half of a percent…Muslims, two-tenths of a percent. Jews are 1.7%. Indians…not sure which ones, but Asian Indians are under 2% while Native Americans are a fraction of 1%, and that includes people who claim that their grandmothers are 1/64th Cherokee. My point is that many of the minorities that are hyper-present in New York, London, etc. are absent in other cities and municipalities because their numbers are way too small nationally to make their presence known. So while it’s great to look at places like Northern Virginia as bastions of cultural diversity, those places are actually demographically abnormal, not Annapolis.

  52. Running with Scissors says:

    Wow this thread was about tipping and went in a whole different direction, I assume it went that way since no one wants to discuss the topic of race and tipping.

    I did a quick survey of employees who worked for me in the past, 5 black, 2 white, 6 of the seven said the would prefer to serve white clients, 1 said it did not matter to him he was just glad to have work. All said they always provide their usual level of great service regardless, all of the above were top shelf in providing a high level of service.

  53. Fred Shubbie® says:

    Racism is obviously a big part of the downtown restaurant scene. Fred Shubbie is currently involved in a undercover investigative sting operation involving bartenders and servers in a few target locations.

  54. Flutterbybutterfly says:

    LOL…..Well I can tell you that racism is not apparent in our restaurant! While everyone in the restaurant “most likely” knows what to expect tipping wise from a table. It does not stop us (or at least me) from giving every individual the same great service…..even though I know someone might screw me over. But I never know who it is, or when it will happen……and I’m a people person, so I just do my absolute best, every time, no matter what the outcome!!!

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