April 23, 2024
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ABC And ACP Have It Wrong

Cohen Dresses Down Civic Group And Local Blogger

Yesterday, a local blogger published a memo from the civic group, Annapolitans For A Better Community (ABC) indicating that the Mayor and Council were forging ahead with significant tax increases in order to balance the budget. According to the Annapolis Capital Punishment entry, the Mayor was considering raising taxes by up to 35%.

While this might politics as usual, the Mayor took the unusual step late last night to rebut the allegations made:

Unfortunately, the ABC group’s leadership recently sent out an email with some inaccuracies that are so glaring that they require correction.  For instance, the email claimed that “the Mayor has been clear that a tax increase will be necessary…” and that I was among a group of alderpersons “moving rapidly toward a 25 – 35% property tax increase.”  These statements are wholly inaccurate.  I hope that in the future, the ABC group’s leadership will be more careful to confirm the accuracy of their information before sharing it with their group’s members.

Annapolis Mayor, Joshua J. Cohen

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