October 1, 2023
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Twist In Malczewski Shooting

Girlfriend Claims She Was Not Being Attacked

Richard Malczewski was jumping on top of a van when an Anne Arundel County police officer rolled up on the scene. And this is where the story gets hazy.

The police say the officer ordered him off of the van, he “charged” the officer and was hit with a taser to no avail. The police claim that the woman in the van hopped out and was attacked by Malczewski. They fired another taser and Malczewski removed the prongs again. Then Malczewski came at the officer and was shot and sent to shock-trauma.

The girlfriend is now speaking and says that there was no need for the police to take such action. She was never in danger. She claims that Malczewski did not “charge” the officer at any point and that she was never in any danger.

Seems like a case of he said-she said. The girlfriend has indicated that she and her boyfriend will be filing a lawsuit against the County for this shooting. Meanwhile, the police appear to be sticking to their version.

We will be hearing more about this as it develops; however, the police do not make it a habit of routinely tasering people twice and then shooting them. Certainly, Malczewski is culpable to some degree. Perhaps not with “charging” the officer or attacking his girlfriend, but he definitely did not heed the officer’s warnings.

Listen to the cops. They are typically better protected than you, they have guns, and authority. If they overstep the authority (and they do on occasion) we have courts in place to make that decision.

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