June 24, 2024
Annapolis, US 81 F

Fire Forces Legislators To The Street

Governor, Speaker And Others Evacuated

UPDATE 8:38pm 4/9/10: Other outlets including The Capital are reporting that this was not a fire at all but a result of the heat being put on instead of the air conditioning.  With an afternoon deadline, The Capital was able to contact both O’Briens and the Annapolis Fire Department spokesman (who was not available when we called) and set the story straight.  Kudos to Lisa Beisel for the story. While numerous news sources were reporting this (web, print, television, and radio), The Capital was silent until this afternoon by which time those sources also began to update their stories.

Boo to political reporter Joshua Stewart for taking pot shots (hey we can too right?) at us and The Sun which revised its story throughout the day as details emerged.  True, most real time sources are not 100% accurate all the time; but we try.

Governor O’Malley, House Speaker Mike Busch, a bunch of lobbyists, and approximately 40 freshman legislators were evacuated from a downtown Annapolis bar last night due to a fire.

The Governor’s security detail smelled the fumes and led the Governor to his car. Seeing the governor being escorted out, the lobbyists and legislators followed suit.

The group was assembled to celebrate the new legislator’s first term in office.

So, we have the Governor, the Speaker, 40 legislators, and a bunch of lobbyists in a burning building…..there has to be some jokes and comments there! What can you add?

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