March 30, 2023
Annapolis, US 51 F

Cohen Adds Position To Cabinet

Mayor Names Stokes As Fire Chief

Mayor Cohen (r), David Stokes (center), and Alderman Sheila Finlayson (l) (Photo: Courtesy City of Annapolis

This afternoon, Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen named David Stokes as Chief of the Annapolis Fire Department. Stokes has over 30 years with the Anne Arundel County Fire Department and served as its Chief from November 2006 through October 2008.  During that time, Stokes managed a $100M budget. In addition, Stokes served on the Public Safety Committee for Cohen’s Idea Team.

Currently, Douglas Remaley has been serving as Acting Chief upon the resignation of Chief Jerome Smith several months ago. Remaley will remain as Deputy Chief until the City Council approves the appointment of Stokes.

One of the suggestions from Stoke’s committee was to move the Office of Emergency Management under the wings of the Fire Department which he will now lead.

Stokes is a native of Eastport and currently resides in Lothian.

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  1. ANd I would assume that this is a savings over the last chief in keeping with the cost cutting theme that guides Josh’s principle of cutting costs in lieu of seeking increased revenue. Is there a car allowance and other generous benefits that were used to entice this Idea Team leader ( hmmm, interesting) to join the city when it is in such a precarious financial position ? I would suspect that the city is actually paying more as that would fit with Josh’s tendency to fatten those at the top and amputate the workers. He probably rationalized this by using Stoke’s idea teams rationale to “move the Office of Emergency Management under the wings of the Fire Department which he will now lead.”

    Josh Cohen is a man of deception and is being lead around by the nose by his idea team. I wonder if Josh has a team to help him discuss the ideas presented to him when to decided whether they are ideas that will actually work and ones that are good for the welfare of the PEOPLE.

  2. Mr. Fred Shubbie,

    How insightful of you.

    Yes Mayor Cohen has other advisers. He of course listens to his Mother who used to head up the Murray Hill Residents Association and this would explain his closeness to our people downtown. We in Ward One rule the City and woe to anyone who would differ.

    I was glad to see the new Fire Chief is from Anne Arundel County and that fits in well with our plans to revoke the Annapolis charter. The City is after all, in the illustrious words of our Mr. Poe, a failed experiment.

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