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Christopher Jones Death

Lawsuit Controversy

No one will deny that the death of Christopher Jones nearly a year ago was an immense tragedy for Crofton, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, and most certainly the family and friends of Christopher.

Last week, the family announced that they were filing a civil action against the families of the children involved in the beating death of their son. While the police only charged two individuals, Javel George and Trey Robinson, reports (and rumor) indicates that there were several other children involved in this beating death.

This incident was one of the most polarizing ones of 2009 and was full of emotion and it looks like it will continue into 2010.

The lawsuit is seeking damages from the two teens who were ultimately tried and convicted in a juvenile court, as well as four other teens who were involved in some manner.  All in all, the suit lists 16 defendants:

  1. Anne Arundel County Board of Education
    Christopher David Jones was killed in May 2009
  2. Makesia Boyd
  3. Jay Battle
  4. Walter Boyd
  5. Khuda Bakhsh
  6. Nasreen Bakhsh
  7. Louis Murphy
  8. Joyce Cole
  9. Milton Robinson III
  10. Linda Robinson
  11. Deonte Murphy
  12. Jay Battle
  13. Javel George
  14. Trey Robinson
  15. Danyal Bakhsh
  16. Eric Ali

The mother of Christopher Jones, Jennifer Adkins, has become a strong advocate against gangs and has said that she intends to donate any proceeds from this suit to a faith based recreation center for youths in West County.

The school district’s liability is limited to $200,000 by law and is named in the suit because the family alleges that the school did not follow through on their promises to notify police about the threats prior to transferring Christopher to South River High from Arundel High.

The filing of this suit has brought out many different opinions. Some people feel that the family is being greedy and looking to somehow benefit from the death of their son. Others feel that the alleged accomplices should be held accountable. What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment!

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