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Virts Background

Familiar With Violence, Jail

Thomas Virts of Glen Burnie. Long history of abuse, drug use, and burglary.

Certainly good people do bad things at times. Last week, Anne Arundel County Police were searching for Thomas Virts who was wanted for beating his 6 week old infant son. With a few days, thanks to many news outlets who carried the story, Virts was captuerd in a school parking lot.

The story was a popular one at Eye On Annapolis and elicited two comments from a reader purporting to be his cousin:

he is innocent and people that dont know him need not to open their mouths and judge keep your pie hole mouth closed with ur non knowing the truth with comments!

Thomas I love you!! He is my cousin and he didnt do people need not to comment without the real story

Of course the only one who truly “knows” if he did it, is Virts himself who is currently sitting in jail awaiting trial. However, it is often said that a person’s past record is an indication of his future direction. Virts, who is only 25, has had a lot of experience with law enforcement in his short time as an adult. Any records as a minor are sealed. Take a look at the history of Thomas Virts. The date in parentheses is the date of the violation/crime.

  • At age 18, he was charged with Domestic Violence (July-2002)
  • At age 19, he was charged with Domestic Violence (September-2003)
  • At age 20, he was charged with 1st Degree Burglary, Theft over $500 and received a 331 day sentence in jail (April-2005)
  • At age 21, he was charged with CDS Possession of not marijuana and was found not guilty but spent almost 90 days in jail awaiting trial  (February-2006)
  • At age 21, he was charged with speeding (88mph in a 65mph zone) and driving without a license. He failed to show for court and a bench warrant was issued (March-2005)
  • At age 22, he was charged with CDS Possession of marijuana, found guilty and sentenced to a month in jail (May-2005)
  • At age 24, he was charged with Disorderly Conduct and received a 60 Day jail sentence (suspended) and one year unsupervised probation (August-2008)
  • At age 25, he is currently in jail awaiting trial on 1st Degree Assault, 2nd Degree Assault, 1st Degree Child Abuse, 2nd Degree Child Abuse, and Reckless Endangerment (March-2010)

While a judge or jury will decide this fate, we can only hope that the Judge assigned to the case will do what is right to protect the infant son who was unable to defend himself.  From the public record, there appears to be a pattern of violence, drug use, and general lawlessness.

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