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Preventing Car Break-Ins

Annapolis Police Department Offers Advice

Lately, there have been a marked increase in vehicle break-ins in the Annapolis area. This morning, the Annapolis Police Department issued the following advice:

There has recently been an increase in the numbers of thefts from vehicles, especially in the downtown area. In most cases, the victims left their vehicles unlocked. The Annapolis Police Department is asking for your help in preventing thefts from vehicles by taking some simple steps to protect yourself. Many of these crimes could be avoided by simply locking your car. Property crimes are often crimes of opportunity and thieves look for unlocked cars. Always remember to lock your car. Cell phones, CD players, Ipods, GPS units and laptops are criminal magnets, especially when left in an unlocked vehicle. Please, lock your car and remove your valuables.

Eye On Annapolis also has a few related tips for you as well:

  1. Never program your home address into your GPS. If your car is broken into away from your home, you have now given the crook turn by turn directions to an unoccupied (likely) home.  If you must have your home in your GPS, label it as something else.
  2. Cell phones are another channel into your unoccupied home. With a stolen cell phone, an entry labeled “home”, and Google; crooks can easily find your unoccupied (likely) home. Instead, make several entries labeled “ICE”, “ICE1”, and “ICE2”. ICE is short for In Case of Emergency and first responders are trained to look for this.
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