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Hollywood or Bust

| March 25, 2010, 11:49 AM | 1 Comment

Dear Chanel e

I am 20 years old. I want to become a famous star one day. I know I have it in me. I have been holding onto this dream since I was a child. I have performed in front of people, I have been a model for a few photographers, and I enjoy being on stage. I attempted to become a spokesperson on TV but it fell through. I look at all my friends and they have been in college or having babies and getting married or just working a lot. That is not the life for me. I need to be in New York – meeting people, networking and becoming famous! I have made multiple plans in search of a new life but I never go through with them. Am I scared? The guy I was pretty serious with has left to go to school across the states and I do not feel I should be stuck here anymore. I want to start my life. Where should I go from here?

– Starlet in the Making

Dear Starlet in the Making,

Go girl! That is awesome that you have a dream of success and stardom. As you have seen through multiple reality and discovering talent shows – there are a lot of people trying to make it out there. My advice? Put yourself out there. Now it is so much easier to be noticed with sites like or Facebook or Myspace. They are meant for networking and letting a lot of people see your stuff.

I would suggest going to sites like GetCast or Model Mayhem and applying for a profile. From there, you can create business cards through sites like Vista Print [first 50 are free, I believe] and hand them out at conventions or workshops. If you search for your area – you can get a list of upcoming auditions or group events.

I modeled for a couple of years and there are constantly events going on that can land you jobs or print work. Do not expect to make money at first – it’s more than a fresh face or rockin’ body, although those do help. It is about a personality the camera and audience can capture. It is all about confidence or at least, the confidence you portray.

Keep your head in the right place. Once you get your career jump started you can become exhausted or overwhelmed or side tracked by the fame or money. So, make sure you have a close confidante by your side. It could be a parent or friend or business partner.

I would suggest keeping your mind active – find books based on your area of concentration, join classes to better your resume and add to your qualities. Just when you think you are “great” at speaking in front of an audience – you get rejected. Bummer right? So, perfect all areas so you can WOW judges and impress potential job holders.

As far as being scared, it is completely normal. My boyfriend is reaching for the stars wanting to be a stunt man, actor, model, producer and writer. At the same time, he holds back because the future is unknown. He wants to succeed and does not know if he can handle big rejections. Sure he has had to hear rejections from small movie gigs or plays but nothing major where it could hurt his emotions or ego. It is all about preparation and remembering that no matter how much preparation you put in – you wont always be ready for everything. There is nothing wrong with that!

As far as the people around you – not everyone needs to have your dream. Not everyone will support you or expect you to make it big. Do not become angry or use it against people. Just understand some people are very content with their lives or have had to settle due to circumstances. Don’t remove them from your life unless they are toxic. Toxic meaning they surround your mind with negative thoughts about your passion and dreams. Focus on you without losing you. Enjoy the small things and do not forget about the “little people” who helped you achieve your goals.

Just remember, at the end of the day, its not about the things you did do- its about what you didn’t. Regret settles a lot worse than anything else. So put yourself out there, do your research and have fun with it. Enjoy going to shows, auditions, making video clips for your portfolio, and traveling. Life is short – so do what you want to do [in good taste of course!]

All the best.


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