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Feds Raid Timbuktu In Hanover

| March 11, 2010, 01:19 PM | 15 Comments

Local Restaurant Raided

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has just completed a raid at Timbuktu Restaurant at 1726 Dorsey Road in Hanover. Anne Arundel police supplied 18 officers to assist federal authorities in executing warrants at the restaurant and at several other residential locations around the County.  From a source close to the investigation, the restaurant was hiring undocumented illegal aliens and providing them safe harbor.

Timbuktu Restaurant has been in business for over 25 years and has won numerous culinary awards and accolades from Zagat Survey, USA Today, AOL, Baltimore Magazine and more.

County Executive John R. Leopold today released the following statement regarding the multiple-location operation executed by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) this morning:

Our local law enforcement continues to provide assistance to federal authorities charged with upholding our immigration laws to the greatest extent possible. This morning our officers assisted a major operation to execute warrants at a business and residential locations in the County.  We will continue to work closely with ICE to forward information on possible violations as well as execute responses.

Anne Arundel County Executive, John R. Leopold

The Anne Arundel County Police Department has participated in numerous operations with ICE officials addressing illegal immigration, undocumented and fraudulently documented workers, as well as criminal and gang activity related to illegal immigrants.  “High-level officials at the Department of Homeland Security have informed me that they share my position that employers must be the focus of immigration enforcement activities,” County Executive Leopold said.

Policies have been developed for the Anne Arundel County Police Department and the Anne Arundel County Detention Center, requiring officers and booking officers to perform an immigration check for all suspects arrested, detained or in custody at the Detention Center who are believed or suspected to be an illegal alien.  This policy establishes liaisons with ICE agents for suspected criminal illegal aliens to be turned over or referred to their custody.

In 2008, County Police assisted on a major operation resulting in several arrests and forfeitures resulting from activities at Annapolis Painting Services.

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  1. Tim Buktu says:

    Not surprising based on the foot traffic coming from the woods across Coca Cola drive. Stay classy Timbuktu!

  2. Mike C says:

    Are they going after Hella’s now? Damn good crab cakes.

  3. pab says:

    oh gosh – hope that doesn’t close them – best crab cakes in Maryland!!!

  4. HCM says:

    I’d like to think that these authorities may have better things to do with their time and OUR resources than this. We have a serious crime problem in our city. Drug abuse and distribution are at all time highs.
    Additionally, the problem isn’t having a few individuals who may not be “Legally” working here, the bigger problem is where is the work ethic in our own young people. I can assure you that this and many other business don’t have throngs of hardworking, positive thinking “legal” workers banging at their doors.

  5. USA says:

    HCM, You have GOT to be kidding right? A FEW individuals? Do you realize there are an estimated 15-20 million illegals in this country? This establishment had workers living in a SHED behind their restaurant. Is this OK with you? How “positive thinking” are these illegals hanging out in the shed? The biggest problem is attitudes like yours making excuses for illegal behavior. I hope they close the place down.

  6. HCM says:

    I assume that you like to eat right? If all the Illegals were suddenly expelled the farms and food processing facilities would never meet the demand in this country. I’m an employer and i am so frustrated with hearing things like: “Can you pay me under the table so i can still collect my unemployment check, otherwise its not worth it for me to work.” There are so many different programs available to LAZY people here. There are a minority of recipients who are worthy of the hand outs but they breed dependency and laziness. The Illegals have no food stamps, no unemployment checks, no free ride, SO THEY WORK!

  7. Rich H. says:

    HCM: simple solution, except nobody
    wants it: take the free ride away from

  8. MackBL says:

    HCM, You sound like an Elitist ILLEGAL EMPLOYER. You and your Elitist Politicians and along with the other Elitist Political Contributors, mostly ILLEGAL EMPLOYERS, consider United States citizens only as “units of labor” and the sooner we become a Third World Country the better for their “bottom line”! Our Elitist Politicians and their Elitist Political Contributors will not be happy until they transform the United States into a Third World Country for most of our citizens while furnishing the Chamber of Commerce and all their Elitist Special Interest Groups with their supply of “cheap labor”. The Elitist Politicians and their Elitist Contributors are “socializing benefits” to the ILLEGALS, camouflaged as welfare for United States Citizens, on the backs of United States citizens through our assets such as the Education System, Social Security, and Health Care not to mention our National Security while “privatizing” the profits for themselves!

  9. HCM says:

    For the record….
    There is no proof that these employees are illegals, those are allegations. Several were detained while their status is being investigated. Furthermore nobody was living in a “shed” as you say, it is a house, complete with all of the comforts of home. If i could provide a home for legal workers traveling on temporary visas i would be glad to do so. I wish others had done as much for most of out immigrant grandparents as they lived in poverty while trying to make a better life for themselves and their families while working to make this country strong, proud and fighting to keep us free.

  10. EOA Staff says:

    HCM, there is an update. 29 were arrested, two released for humanitarian reasons. The rest are being held.


  11. partly cloudy says:

    Where are my friends now? They were not “criminals” as no drugs or contraband were found. They were handcuffed and had leg irons put on them like a bunch of animals. This is a frightening episode and reminded me of the gestapo. What was all this nonsense Obama was nattering on about in his election promises? I guess he has forgotten too. If you or your children had experienced this police action, you too might think twice about how loverly our police policies are. These men served you food and cleaned up your dirty plates and messes for YEARS. This is how we thank them? Welcome to America and I pray for your safe passage home….to absolute poverty and destitution again. I am so sorry for these men.

  12. USA says:

    HCM, wow all the comforts of home. Why don’t you try it? Get paid sub wages then pay most back in rent. I can assure you this is not a house or home as I have first hand knowledge of this. Partly cloudy.. I’d love to live in your candy cane world where as long as you don’t have drugs on you or “contraband” you can do anything you want. Coming into this country through tunnels, under barbed wire, in the backs of trucks… Perfectly legal in your world though huh? True, they are innocent till proven guilty. If they are legal, it will prove out, if not, Then they can go home. And places like Timbuktu can close for their actions.

  13. partly cloudy says:

    I do not live in a candy cane world. Lazy, Americans WILL NOT do this work. All they do is complain, gossip about other co-workers and have such a bad attitude. THAT is the truth. American youths are a spoiled lazy lot. I hardly think that Timbuktu will close down. It is a great place to work, and a great place to have dinner. These men will be detained for 30 to 90 days and then we the tax payers will foot that bill plus transporting them back to their countries. We (americans) make out really well like this…dont we? If some of them did have fake social security numbers…the bottom line is that they DID pay into our system. They did not take a free ride…and payed dearly for the little that they received. Also, in term of housing , I guess it is relative. the houses that they live in here..with actual electric and actual toilet and shower facilites are much, much more then what they had. In their countries they live in dumps with no elctric, no sanitiation and average 40 cents an hour.

  14. Skeptical says:

    It is better to enslave the illegals with no rights (hard workers) than to enslave american’s with rights (lazy workers)….

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