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Annapolis Chief Concerned For Mayor’s Safety

Protection Detail Assigned For Cohen And Smith

Rumors have been swirling for a few days that Annapolis Mayor Joshua Cohen now has an executive security detail.  Apparently, he and Chief Administrative Officer, Doug Smith, were escorted into Tuesday’s forum by a police detail.

Certainly with the layoffs promised by Cohen and Smith, there is a good chance of a disgruntled employee or two.  While there has been no official response or release from City Hall, the Mayor’s Public Information Officer, Phill McGowan posted the following statement from Chief Pristoop on the Annapolis Political Scene blog.

The budget crisis facing the City of Annapolis is unprecedented. Although there have been no threats of workplace violence during these difficult times, I have made the decision to provide additional security for the Mayor and the Chief Administrative Officer during working and off hours. Executive security, while not normally provided for in Annapolis, is commonplace in many counties and cities. We expect this to be a temporary measure.

Chief Michael Pristoop, Annapolis Police Department

So, there you have it. The Chief of Police has enough of a concern for the safety of our Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer to authorize a 24 hour security detail.  What do you think? Warranted? Not? Waste of money? Wise use of money?

One other question needs to be asked. Doug Smith is a contracted employee. Is it the City’s responsibility to provide 24/7 security for a contractor?

Here is Mayor Cohen explaining the budget crisis.

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