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Annapolis Budget Forums

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Mayor Encourages Feedback

Last night, about 60 people filled the Media Center at Georgetown East Elementary School to listen to a presentation about the City of Annapolis’ Budget (or lack of a budget it seems). The Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer, Doug Smith, succinctly outlined the problems facing the city. It is not a pretty picture by any means.

After the 30 minute presentation, the floor was opened for questions.  This is your time. As s residents of Annapolis, all citizens must make an attempt to make their voices heard.  There were no specifics as to what cuts are forthcoming, but it was very clear that we can expect cuts in employees and services.  The City is asking for guidance–what is important to the people it serves. Without participation, that decision is left up to the Mayor and Aldermen–who quite honestly might be without a clue–only three bothered to show up last night.

There is another meeting tonight. The details follow. Please carve 90 minutes out of your evening to attend and let your voice be heard. Without your voice, it is very possible that your ambulance might be coming from across town, that your trash will be picked up every other week, or that your parking fees will increase.  The situation is not pretty and there will be severe cuts. Help make sure that our representatives are making the right cuts.

When:   Tuesday, March 2
Where:  Mount Olive Community Life Center
2 Hicks Avenue, Annapolis

7:30pm to 9:00pm

Can’t attend but want to contribute? Post a comment on the mayor’s blog, or e-mail him.

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