February 1, 2023
Annapolis, US 31 F

Storm Update #16: 2 Safeway Roofs Collapse

Edgewater & Gambrills

UPDATE: The Safeway in Edgewater is closed to the public.  The Fire Department is currently checking on the reports and to determine if there is any structural damage. It appears that if there is a collapse, it may be a partial breach of the roof. Developing.

We are hearing that the roofs of the Safeway Supermarkets in Edgewater and in Gambrills have collapsed. This story is developing and we have a photographer en route and calls into the County for a statement.

We do not know if they are partial or full collapse or partial.

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  1. The roofs of the Safeway stores in Gambrills and Edgewater did NOT collapse. There was leaking, so the company closed the stores out of an abundance of caution. The roofs are being cleared and a structural analysis will be made to determine when the stores will reopen. They are expected to reopen on Tuesday.

  2. When we went to the Giant in Edgewater, we were told that the roofs at the Safeway collapsed. Also, the stores are NOT open, and are not expected to be open for the next few days.

  3. I manage the Edgewater Village Center. Rest assured the roof did not collapse and is not in danger of collapsing. This goes for Waugh Chapel as well. Snow was cleared from the roof at both locations as a precaution due to signs of deflection in the roof deck. Snow loads were well below what would cause a collapse, but deflection did affect several drywall joints in the front bulkhead and ceiling grids. Edgewater opened Tuesday afternoon, and I believe Waugh Chapel opened soon after.

    Having said that, if I worked at the Giant in Edgewater, I would probably spread the same rumors.

  4. Matt, your last sentence was a bit harsh. People talk about what they hear and usually don’t have to make up rumors to get business. Empathy for the business, patrons, and employees obviously were not thought of in your attack during this history making storm. Take an ethics course in business management and leave your toxic remarks to yourself. I am a Safeway shopper myself, and a remark from Giant would not have my back up. Uncalled for…

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