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Performing Arts Center In Annapolis

Click image to sign petition in support of the Maryland Theatre for the Performing Arts.

Lately, there has been some buzz about the future of the arts in Annapolis. While one side sees the addition of a world class nonperforming arts center as a boon for the area and the City, the other faction sees it as the demise of arts in Annapolis.

The project is still many years away and requires much fundraising to get out of the gate. The project is NOT intended to displace Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts; it is designed to enhance and supplement it.

As it stands, arts in Annapolis is relegated to an old high school auditorium. It is a great venue and the organizations that call MD Hall their home will continue to do so. Maryland Hall is a “working” arts center with their classes and their Artist in Residence programs. They are not capable of seating 1000 people to see a performance.

With a regional arts center, Annapolis would draw patrons from Washington and Baltimore to see world class performances; and while working with Maryland Hall, would expose the value of Maryland Hall to these very same patrons–typically staunch supporters of the arts.

The financial benefits to the City and local businesses needs no comment. It is a win.

To learn more about the proposed Maryland Theatre for the Performing Arts, please visit their website.

If you support the notion of this type of venue for our town, please offer your no cost support by signing a petition to be presented to the Legislative delegation tomorrow.

The project is designed as a public/private partnership and some public money will be needed. The meeting tomorrow is to get a $250,000 commitment from the State to keep the project on track.

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