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Officials Ask For Help

Residents Asked To Clear Snow

Mayor Joshua, J. Cohen, County Executive John R. Leopold and School Superintendent Kevin M. Maxwell are asking residents of the City and County to pitch in to help clear the sidewalks and fire hydrants.

In a joint press release issued today, the three stated that while crews are continuing to work around the clock to clean up after the storms, in order to assure a safe return to school and to insure access to fire hydrants, the public’s help is needed.

The three have asked residents to do what they can to clear storm drains to prevent flooding, shovel sidewalks to allow a safe haven for the students who are scheduled to return to school on Tuesday, and dig out fire hydrants.

The full press release is after the jump.

Annapolis, Md. (February 13, 2010) – County Executive John R. Leopold, Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen and schools Superintendent Kevin M. Maxwell today called on all residents and business owners across the city and county to assist in clearing paths on sidewalks and to fire hydrants and storm drains in the aftermath of the double blow of winter storms over the past two weeks.

“We are all working as hard as we possibly can to get our roadways and walkways back in shape following this historic event,” County Executive Leopold said. “While our crews have worked day and night and continue to do so, it is a critical matter of public safety that we enlist the assistance of our residents to get sidewalks, fire hydrants, and storm drains cleared. Emergency crews need quick access to the hydrants, clear drains will reduce the risk of flooded roads and neighborhoods, and paths on sidewalks will allow for safe travel of pedestrians and of students, who are scheduled to return to class on Tuesday.”

Mayor Cohen praised the cleanup work of those within Annapolis thus far. He said a more robust team effort will allow for services to return – and a normal way of life to resume – more quickly.

“We are continuing to push the mountains of snow as fast as we can to clear roadways for safe travel,” Mayor Cohen said. “For as much progress as is being made, we cannot hope to complete this monumental cleanup effort without the public’s help.”

Anne Arundel County Public Schools built four days into its calendar for emergency closings this school year. The system has used nine days so far, leaving five to be added back into the calendar unless a waiver is granted.

“I applaud the work our school personnel and the city and county road crews have done in dealing with this cleanup, and I know they will continue that effort,” Dr. Maxwell said. “Our students have missed an extraordinary amount of instructional time so far. To get them back into the classrooms on Tuesday we need to make sure that it is safe for them to get to and stand at bus stops, and to walk on the sidewalks that lead to our schools. I know that students are anxious to return to class and we are anxious to have them do so, but safety is everyone’s top priority.”


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