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How Dumb Are Criminals In Anne Arundel?

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Bateman Nabs More Fools

His past antics have been well publicized. Last Valentines Day, he delivered flowers and handcuffs to scofflaws. He lured fugitives to jail on the promise of some long lost refund from the State. And this year, he delivered candy and cuffs for Valentines Day.

You have to give Anne Arundel County Sheriff, Ron Bateman credit for originality and tenacity. But we also need to give the people he is arresting some credit for stupidity.

There are 8622 unserved warrants in the County. Most, if not all, of these people actually know they have these warrants and that the sheriff is looking for them.  So why on earth do you fall for gimmicks like this?

If your boy or girlfriend would not normally send you a box of chocolates on Valentines Day, why do you think this year is any different? Haven’t filed taxes in years; but think the government has a refund for you?

Bateman is doing a great job and has whittled down the unserved warrant list considerably in his term. His efforts have indeed made the County a safer place. His efforts have also afforded many chuckles for the law abiding faction of our population.

We look forward to Sheriff Ron Bateman’s next sting–any bets on the number of dumb criminals he will get next time?

For more details of the Valentine’s Day sting, read it at The Sun.

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