February 8, 2023
Annapolis, US 60 F

Cohen Takes A Beating

Mayor’s Blog Flooded With Comments

For those who don’t know, you should. Mayor Cohen has a blog where he periodically writes to keep everyone informed. It is one of his initiatives and a follow through on his promise of transparency in government.

Yesterday, he took to his blog to ask for patience and to update his readers on the snow removal situation. As of this writing, there are 19 separate comments lambasting the City’s response to clearing the streets.

With another storm headed into town, how do you think the City has done so far? We had a storm in December, another smaller one in January, and the one a few days ago.  Josh Cohen has been in Annapolis politics for a LONG time, yet only Mayor for a few short months.

Is the criticism warranted? Or are the citizens of Annapolis too demanding? Please leave your comments here..or there!

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  1. I live just outside the City limits on a State road which has been promptly plowed after each of the three snows. Our little half mile dead end street is plowed several times during a storm and then after it ends the plows return with trucks and carry away the snow from the dead end. I can certainly tell when I cross from the State responsibility to the City responsibility. I like to analyze factually rather than emotionally. Seems a fair way to measure effectiveness of the various government entities performance would be to compare the miles of road each is responsible for (in and around Annapolis)and the equipment available for the task. If the available City equipment is significantly less than the State relative to the miles of roadway then maybe the City is not doing such a bad job. If the amount of equipment relative to the miles of roadways is comparable, then I would say the City is not doing very well, even allowing for the many narrow streets and clu-de-sacs.

  2. My thought is that the City does not have the resources to purchase or least the equipment to handle a snow of this magnitude. I can’t fault them for NOT spending the money on an event that may never materialize. But in the case that it DOES materialize, perhaps some sort of mutual aid policy with the state or neighboring jurisdictions can be made.

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