December 8, 2023
Annapolis, US 53 F

Another Storm On Tuesday

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Early Indications Of 4″ Or More

Yes, another storm is predicted to hit the area on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  It is doubtful that the roads will be completely clear by that time  and allow our governments to do a “reset” on the snow. Foot’s Forecast (who has been dead on all winter) is saying 4″+ and  Channel 9 in DC has said 6″ +. Either way, it is a significant amount.

With a new storm in the works, clearing off flat roofs is even more imperative as an additional load will cause additional stress.  Clear an extra wide berth on your driveways to accommodate the additional snow–shoveling news snow on an already six foot high pile will be difficult at best.

If you need to re-stock on supplies, do it on Monday and avoid the crush on Tuesday and the empty shelves.

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