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AACPS Wants Your Comments

How To Handle Snow Days

County schools have used ten snow days so far this year and likely may have a few more. Absent a waiver from the State, school will be extended a minimum of six days into the summer.

The Board is seeking your input on how to best handle the make up days. Extend the school year? Cut into Spring Break?

The Board is considering putting this issue on the agenda for the march 3, 2010 meeting, so your input is encouraged.

You can leave your comments by clicking here.

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  1. On the surface that seems like the logical choice, but this is the first time the district has given a full week for spring break and many families have plans for travel. With it being only 6 weeks away it presents a problem. I do agree (and did suggest) ditching all the remaining inservice days and to take a look at any existing holidays.

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