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Bill Would Require Closed Captioning In Bars

An article this morning on MarylandReporter.com caught our eye.  We are not morphing into a site that will follow every legislative bill (there are plenty of good ones that do that and MarylandReporter.com is one of them); but this jumped out.

While certainly we can all agree on the need to accommodate people with various disabilities, is requiring closed captioning on every television set in a bar or restaurant taking things too far?

Can you imagine the furor when the game winning touchdown (hopefully for the New Orleans Saints on Sunday) is blocked by the black box?  It is not practical to have a “captioning section” or only on select televisions as you never know when a deaf person might arrive or where they might sit.

Certainly a deaf person should be able to request captioning be turned on to accommodate their needs. But isn’t this already happening?

While not as silly as the some legislation that is introduced (like Pam Beidle’s State song changes), this really seems like a piece of legislation designed to legislate common sense.

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