December 10, 2023
Annapolis, US 54 F

Top Ten For The Week

Top Ten Pages At Eye On Annapolis

2010 is off to a rough start with a murder in Glen Burnie, a fatal hit and run in Annapolis, two more restaurants closing, a mall bookstore overcharging and Bank of America still piquing the interest of our readers!

Of course, politics is never far behind and there is an upcoming Tea Party scheduled in Annapolis and the Mayor* helped an elderly man clear the snow from his home.

*Not our Mayor–Newark, NJ’s Mayor.

Look around the site for some subtle changes. There is now an easy way to follow us on Twitter (see the little thingie on the left?), and we have just partnered with an organization to report issues around the area.  At the top of the page, click on the “report your problem” link and report any issues you see around your neighborhood!

10. Mayor Shovels Snow For Elderly Mantop-tem
9. Fools Rush In
8. Mall Warning: Borders Overcharges
7. Bank Of America Fees Out Of Control
6. Glen Burnie: First Murder Of 2010
5. CNN Reports On Annapolis Snowblowing
4. Another Tea Party In Annapolis
3. Adios To The Mexican Cafe
2. Morton’s Closes Abruptly
1. Hit And Run Driver Identified

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