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Opinion: Sex Offenders A Problem

| January 06, 2010, 11:28 AM | 1 Comment

It has only been a few days since we buried Sarah Haley Foxwell who was abducted, killed, and left to rot in a field at the hands of sex offender. It has only been a few months since David Benjamin Raszewski abducted a child from a playground and raped her as her babysitter was frantically searching for her.

This morning we hear of the good deeds of a Church who took in a homeless man, Rodney Key,  to help with some parish work, only to find that he too is a repeat registered sex offender and is now charged with abusing an 8-year old girl in the Church.

WBAL-TV interviewed the Baltimore City Police Detective who is handling the case.  “He basically sat her on his lap and began to fondle her. He then told her he was going to spank her but that she was too sweet and then he told her not to tell anybody about this incident,” Detective Donny Moses said.

Key was convicted of child abuse in Talbot County in 2001 and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. 15 of them were immediately suspended but the lenient Maryland Judges. He was released in April 2009 after serving 7 years, only to re-offend in 9 short months. Does anyone in our judicial system read any of the statistics on the recidivism rates of sex crimes?

His 15 year effective sentence must have been reduced to 7 for his “good behavior”. The system apparently got that one wrong. No one seems to know the answer to eliminating sex crimes–especially against children; however, the State’s legislators and Judges really need to begin to take this growing trend seriously.  Perhaps if a sex offender was sentenced to live with a Delegate, Senator, or Judge in their home with their children for six months it might make a difference.

But until then, adults looking to protect children MUST take action. Parents need to know who is living next door. Businesses (and yes even Churches) have an incumbent obligation to protect their guests–they too need to know who is working for them. That is not to say all sex offenders will repeat or that you need to move if one lives on your block, but certainly it begs for some more vigilance. You can find any registered sex offenders on the National Sex Offenders Registry. It is worth a look.

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