May 20, 2024
Annapolis, US 68 F

New Scam Against Businesses

Phony “Inspectors”

The Annapolis Police Department is investigating a suspicious incident involving two men who entered a local business, representing themselves as “inspectors.”

At least one Annapolis business has been targeted by scam artists claiming that were there to examine thermostats and fire extinguishers. The two men entered a local coffee shop and told employees that they were there to inspect safety equipment. Employees showed the men the thermostats and allowed them to enter a backroom where fire equipment is located. After ten minutes, the men returned to the front of the store and told employees that there were “violations” and that a fine needed to be paid. The employees paid the men out of petty cash. After they left, a female employee reported that her purse had been rifled and she was missing her driver’s license and bank cards.

The Annapolis Police Department is advising all businesses to be aware of this type of scam and to call the Police Department immediately if fake inspectors enter your place of business attempting to do any inspections on behalf of the City. Always verify an inspector’s identity before allowing them access. Official inspectors will always have photo identification and will present it willingly and official inspectors will conduct an inspection and leave the business owner with a written copy of the findings on an official form.

They will not demand immediate payment.

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