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Hey Capital, Check This Out

Miami Herald Asking For Donationsbegging

It has been said that beggars can’t be choosers. It appears that the Miami Herald has decided to do both.  They are begging for donations to stay afloat, and are choosing to let their online readers voluntarily contribute!

One of the issues with online news is that for the most part it has been free. When you couple that with a decline in print ad revenue and subscription revenue, you can easily see how newspapers have fallen into this fiscal mess.

Does this make sense? Will people voluntarily cough up a few dollars here and there to help the paper? Can they ever switch to an online subscription based model?

It is a decent idea. When this site made its debut, we had a “Buy Us A Cup Of Coffee” link on the bottom of each post and it actually worked pretty well and readers (at the time) were donating about $50 a month. We discontinued it as it did not fit our theme and other businesses surfaced looking to advertise directly.

But, the editorial folks at The Capital ought to look into this. They certainly provide a valuable service to the community, and rather than taking it out on the employees that bring the service to fruition, why not ask the beneficiaries? Just be subtle and firm–no need to beg and whine, ask with dignity!

A thank you to a loyal reader, Merry O’Brien, who brought this to our attention in the comments section of the recent post about The Capital!

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