December 8, 2023
Annapolis, US 49 F

Another Delay On Slots?

Councilwoman Tricia Johnson In Hospital

AA County Councilwoman Tricia Johnson
AA County Councilwoman Tricia Johnson

After attending the Inauguration of Annapolis Mayor Joshua Cohen earlier in the day, County Councilwoman Tricia Johnson is apparently being treated at the hospital. There have been no updates as to why she was admitted or her condition.

The County County Council was scheduled to possibly vote on the slot bill tonight, but this latest twist seems to have put yet another delay in the process. Any bill, for or against, needs four votes to pass. Of the seven members, there is a vacancy for Josh Cohen, Ed Middlebrooks has recused himself, and Cathy Vitale has introduced a separate and different bill. Now with Johnson out of the picture, a vote does not seem likely.

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